April 2023

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Maine Fauna A–Z

Husbandry and harvest, conservation and awe — they’re all a part of our way of life, as evidenced by this alphabetical menagerie of Maine animal stories. A few highlights:

C is for Caribou

More than 30 years later, a reflection on an ill-fated attempt to reintroduce a ghost of the Maine forest.

As told to Ron Joseph

D is for Dogs

The Science Dogs of New England are following their noses to endangered species.

By Kathryn Miles

H is for Hagfish

Getting to know the slimy star of Maine’s nastiest little fishery.

By Virginia M. Wright

P is for Puffins

The 50th anniversary of the renowned Project Puffin finds the species at a turning point.

By Derrick Z. Jackson

W is for Whitetails

Why are tens of thousands tuning in to see deer stuff their faces in Piscataquis County? A lot of reasons, it turns out.

By Nora Saks


North by East

Volunteers around Maine want to make way for amphibians. Is wildlife getting more photogenic or are trail cams really that good? A flock of researchers descends on the state’s birds. Plus, in Maine Dispatches, get your unicorn permit.

Food and Drink

From colorful dips made from ugly veggies to Kittery’s meatless sandwich shop to Biddeford’s tempeh touters, no animals were harmed in the making of these plant-based Food and Drink stories.

Good Things from Maine

The papier-mâché artist who sculpts animals with sundry personalities, the Maine makers who’ve developed useful products for various pets, and the pet shop that caters to all of Maine’s vastest county.


Where in Maine


Editor’s note, responses to February’s Where in Maine, the masthead, and more.


Travel: Things to Do With Your Dog; Room With a View.

My Favorite Place

Penobscot wildlife artist James Francis, on Mud Pond Carry.

On Our Cover: A bull moose along the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, by Mark Picard.

Additional photos: Ethan Eisenhaur, Benjamin Williamson, and Danielle Sykes.