Southern Maine Beaches
Maine’s southern coast offers the American summer vacation at its beach-blanket best. Grab a towel and come with us.
When staff photographer Benjamin Williamson wants to shoot Maine at its most essential, he hops the ferry for Monhegan, 10 miles out to sea, year-round population about 60. We asked him a few of his favorite places to set up a tripod.
Maine boatmen, Dr. Deborah Walter
We asked some of Maine’s most seasoned boatmen (and women) about their most memorable moments from lives spent on the water.
where in maine
Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from April’s photo of Sand Beach.
Maine Wellness
An aimless walk in the woods is surprisingly good for you, as forest bathing guides like Jeff Brogan can attest.
For decades, the now-trending ancient practice of qigong has had a home in Bangor.
Meditation Retreat
Silence is a hot commodity in wellness right now, but Patricia Brown and Surya-Chandra Das have been mindfully piping down since well before it was cool.
Goat Yoga
Yoga enthusiasts are hoofing it to a Westbrook farm to practice alongside some small, furry gurus.