Nature Conservancy and The St. John River
Twenty years ago, a motley band of guides, foresters, and conservationists put in on northern Maine’s remote upper St. John River to sketch out an audacious conservation plan. This summer, they returned to take stock.
The Clam Digger
Labor and tradition endure on a low-tide landscape that few ever glimpse.
Umbagog Lake, Magalloway
Noah Gray-Cabey was a toddler when his parents moved from suburban Chicago to Maine, his mom’s home state, settling in the woods of Newry, a spot he (fondly) describes as “literally the middle of nowhere.”
When lakes turn lonely and frigid, Bob Lombardo goes searching for the perfect sheet of ice. Lace up and tag along for a skate on the wild side.
Chris Hayward skiing
Each winter, Chris Hayward plays an epic game of King of the Mountain, eschewing chairlifts and racking up as much vertical footage as he can. Who says going down is the fun part?