Rescue Dogs
Make a new canine friend in Maine and chances are high that she is from away, as our dog-crazy state is one of the most common destinations for southern rescue dogs. To understand why, Kathryn Miles joined a van full of Maine-bound mutts.
No Elder an Island
For many seniors on Maine’s islands, the prospect of settling into a mainland care home is disquieting. The alternative requires a whole community’s investment.
Free the Udders!
A year-and-a-half ago, Maine’s landmark food-sovereignty law empowered towns to regulate their own dairy/pickle/poultry trade. So how is it changing the way farming communities do business?
In Good Faith
President Bush and Democratic Senator George J. Mitchell had Maine in common — along with a willingness to make principled compromises.
As we come into the season of giving and giving thanks, we salute Mainers who are quietly doing their part to make the Pine Tree State a better place.