April 2018

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Way Fab Prefabs

In their quest for affordable, energy-efficient homes, some Mainers are thinking outside the site-built box.

By Sarah Stebbins, Virginia M. Wright, and Brian Kevin

Learn the Fern

What does a veteran forager know about Maine fiddleheads that you don’t? Plenty. Curl up with our tale of a tagalong day in the field.

By Michael Burke

Deep Space

Staring at a starlit Maine sky? Essayist, novelist, and physicist Alan Lightman talks about his new book, Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine. Plus, an excerpt.

Interview by Brian Kevin


Special advertising section: Meet the cruisers

For serious boat people, the Maine coast is the Promised Land. Get to know the folks for whom cruising is not a pastime but a passion.

By Caitlin Gilmet


North by East

A new era for Maine’s pro wrestlers, a tiff between lobstermen and regulators, and a new spin on a classic from Portland Ballet. Plus, dislodged bears and popped beer tabs in Maine Dispatches.

Food & Drink

We pucker up for Maine-brewed coolship beers, take the heat at Ellsworth’s Serendib, and melt like butter over Dysart’s chicken potpie. Also, the secrets to snagging a reservation at Freedom’s Lost Kitchen.

Good Things from Maine

Addie Peet stylishly revives a forgotten floor covering, Anchorpak rethinks the tote bag, and we get the goods on increasingly hip Kittery Foreside.

Maine Homes

Tour a Belgrade Lakes camp with the craziest windows ever and learn why in-law flats are on the rise. If you’ve ever wondered “what’s it worth?”, check out our very own antiques roadshow.


Where in Maine

Maine Moment


Editor’s note, reader feedback, responses to February’s Where in Maine, and more.


My Maine: White Wedding. Room With a View.

My Favorite Place

Two-star Michelin chef Ryan McCaskey on Tobey’s Grocery in China.

On the cover: Ferns (not fiddleheads) at Evans Notch, by Darylann Leonard.

Additional photos: The Milky Way from Popham Beach by Benjamin Williamson; Sri Lankan hot wings at Ellsworth’s Serendib by Douglas Merriam; Higgins Beach by Seth Gaffar; Georgetown by Benjamin Williamson