August 2022


White Mountain Majesties

New Hampshire might claim the biggest piece of the White Mountain National Forest, but western Maine’s slice has a quiet grandeur all its own, from crystal-clear streams to dense forests to rocky peaks.

By Will Grunewald, Joel Crabtree, Adrienne Perron, and Brian Kevin

Nirav Shah Is Ambivalent About His Celebrity

And uncommonly curious and deliberate about everything else. On the state’s surprisingly visible CDC director (and his ego, waffle recipe, and . . . political ambitions?).

By Jesse Ellison

Catch and Release

A close call on the Kennebec River Gorge interrupted one writer’s life. Two years later, he reflects on the accident and on the changes since — for him and for all of us.

By Franklin Burroughs


North by East

Divers explore a mysterious Frankfort quarry, the Maine Lobster Festival returns for a big anniversary, and three venerable art museums get back to their roots. Plus, in Maine Dispatches, a high-schooler in Boothbay treats a horse disease with honey.

Food and Drink

An iconic Skowhegan ice-cream stand keeps on scooping. Also, the scoop on a reborn Peaks Island hangout and the best (and worst) of Maine-food TV.

Good Things from Maine

Our summer guide to Maine-made outdoor gear, full of tools and toys you’ll love, from sunglasses to surfboards, rucksacks to rain pants.

Maine Homes

A unique multi-peaked home in Lincolnville, an Orono garden commingling native and tropical plants, and three historic politicos’ homes campaigning for attention in a red-hot market.


Where In Maine

Maine Moment


Editor’s note, reader feedback, responses to June’s Where in Maine, and more.


Books: Three Maine Summer Novels; Room With a View.

My Favorite Place

AARP Maine state director Noël Bonam on the George Brook Flowage.

On Our Cover: Caribou Mountain, by Chris Shane.

Additional photos: Benjamin Williamson, Dave Waddell, and Chris Shane.

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