Welcome to Maine’s White Mountains

New Hampshire might claim the biggest piece, but Maine’s slice of the White Mountain National Forest has a grandeur all its own. And while the national forest draws millions of visitors every year, relatively few detour across the state line to explore the 50,000 acres in Maine, leaving plenty of tranquility to go around.

The view from the top of Speckled Mountain

The 8 Best Day Hikes in Maine’s White Mountains

Four peaks under 2,000 feet and four of the highest peaks in Maine’s White Mountains.

In Praise of the Stow Corner Store

There’s just one option for stocking up on essentials or grabbing a meal near the White Mountain National Forest. Luckily, it’s an awfully good one.

Rattlesnake Pool

The Best Swimming Holes in Maine’s White Mountains

These White Mountains swimming holes are the perfect place to cool off after a hike — or just wile away a summer afternoon.

The recently muralized Gem Theater, Bethel

Bethel and Fryeburg Are Notch Your Average Towns

There’s a lot on offer in Fryeburg and Bethel, Maine’s primary White Mountains gateway communities.

Old photo of members of the Brushians, a Portland-based painting group, are, from left, George Frederick Morse, Frank Louville Bowie, John T. Wood, and John Calvin Stevens

Meet the Old Whites Guys

The White Mountain Club of Portland was one of the first hiking clubs in the country — and among the earliest mappers and trailblazers of the Whites.

Brickett Place, White Mountain National Forest’s oldest preserved structure.

Brickett? I Hardly Know It

Now you will, thanks to our helpful timeline of the White Mountain National Forest’s oldest preserved structure.