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[accordion] [item title=”Editor’s Note by Kathleen Fleury”][T]here are so many abstract reasons why I love living in Maine. Let’s start with the magic: there’s something about the light, the land, the lore. It’s different here. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, well then, you’ve got the rest of the world to find a place to call home. For some, Maine may not be a physical home but rather a spiritual one, a north star, a place to come where you feel like your most authentic self.

Kathleen Fleury
Kathleen Fleury

If you’re reading this magazine, you probably know this already. So instead of waxing more poetic, I offer seven more concrete reasons why I love where I live. In no particular order:

  • ● I can walk out my door and up a mountain in Camden Hills State Park. It’s a pretty great backyard. 280 Belfast Rd., Camden. 207-236-3109.
  • ● I can ski overlooking the ocean. I’ve only done it twice in eight years, but just knowing Camden Snow Bowl is here bolsters my underdeveloped outdoorsy self. 20 Barnestown Rd., Camden. 207-236-4418.
  • ● The best Thai food I’ve ever eaten is right here, at Long Grain. Thank you, owners Paula and Bas — your spicy Thai beef salad is possibly my favorite combination of flavors ever. 31 Elm St., Camden. 207-236-9001.
  • ● The Strand Theatre treats us to live music and indie movies year-round. I’ve been to memorable concerts (the Indigo Girls to Habib Koité, The Wailin’ Jennys to Martin Sexton) and seen wonderful films the multiplexes ignore. And The Strand serves wine and beer, plus really good cookies. 345 Main St., Rockland. 207-594-0070.
  • ● I can play tennis (one of my great loves) and I skate (one of my daughter’s burgeoning loves) at the Midcoast Recreation Center any day of the year. 535 West St., Rockport. 207-236-9400.
  • ● I get practically all our vegetables (May through October) through a CSA from Hatchet Cove Farm in Warren. Plus, my weekly pick-up includes Fiore olive oil and vinegar and Oyster Creek mushrooms. 1133 Finntown Rd., Warren. 207-273-3044.
  • ● I can stop on my way home at my working-mom savior shop, Megunticook Market. Thank you, Lani, for your homemade meatballs, hamburger subs, delicious thin-crust pizza, homemade Chex mix, and most of all, for your exceptionally friendly (and kid-tolerant) staff. 2 Gould St., Camden. 207-236-3537.

Not surprisingly, my hometown of Camden was named by readers as one of Down East’s Best Places to Live in 2015. This year, we have some brand-new reader choices to share. No doubt you’ll find yourself agreeing (or objecting) passionately. Don’t keep it to yourself — I’d love to hear why you love the Maine place you call home (or wish you did). Send me an email or tag us in a social media post with #magazineofmaine and #whyilovemaine. — Kathleen Fleury[/item] [/accordion]


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