July 2004


Oh, Those Yarmouth Ladies

They’re so good at what they do that the tourists think their clam festival is all about clams — even though everyone in town knows it’s really about money, big money. By Edgar Allen Beem.

The Most Admired Garden in Maine

More people see the Sparhawk Garden  in Ogunquit than any other, and most of them pause to marvel at it. It’s the masterwork of one dedicated gardener. By Rebecca Martin Evarts.

Where in Maine?

Here’s a lovely image that seems to show one island, but actually shows two. Can you name them?

Nine Surprising Maine Shops

In one way or another each of these stores is not what you would expect to find in a small Maine town — yet each one is worth going out of your way to visit. Photographs by Amazeen.

Finding the Pulse

Only in the quiet of a place like Pocomoonshine Lake could I begin to detect certain rhythms I had never recognized. By Susan Hand Shetterly.

Out of This World

That’s what the growing number of backyard beekeepers say about both the honey they produce and the hobby that enthralls them. By Ken Textor.

Maine for the New Yorker

A guide to the Pine Tree State for New Yorkers who know everything — except the vacationland that Mainers call home.


You see more in artist Sarah Knock’s unusual waterscapes than in many more conventional Maine seascapes — or landscapes. By Rebecca Martin Evarts.

Awash in Color

To get an inkling of how popular quilting has become in the Pine Tree State, you need only visit the Augusta Civic Center at the end of July. By Meadow Rue Merrill.

The Uncensored Guide to Maine

At last, a guide to the Pine Tree State that doesn’t pul any punches. Here is our explanation of the 7 Deadly Sins of Maine. Go ahead — take a peek.




North by East: Keeping Cool

Opinions and musings on the plight of air-conditioner salesmen in the Pine Tree State, the striking presence of Maine on eBay, and the cunning secret that Down East coyotes carry in their genes.

The Talk of Maine: Catch-22

The feds want Maine to clean up its air, but the ozone in Maine’s air doesn’t originate here:  It comes from Boston and the Midwest. What’s an otherwise pristine state to do? By Jeff Clark.

The Maine Viewpoint: Tax Reform Failure

Incredibly, the legislature in its wisdom has chosen to ignore the growing roar for property tax relief, as an editorial from the Maine Sunday Telegram points out. Plus, an insight into the obscene health insurance profits at Anthem, a tantalizing North Woods park study, and some thoughts about Portland’s rising property values.

lnside Maine: A Casco Bay Promenade

One of the prettiest paths in Maine hugs the shore in South Portland. Plus, Boothbay’s best fish fry sandwich, a summer camp that the whole family can enjoy, kayaking trips that’ll make you friends, as well as tips about an inn in Kennebunkport, and a summer theater in Harrison. By Andrew Vietze.

Dining Down East: Five Fifty-five, Portland

The food at this upscale, downtown bistro is anything but by the numbers. By Virginia Wright.

Down East Bookshelf: Three Men and a Pond

A new book quietly celebrates summer and friendship in Temple, Maine. By Richard Grant.

Calendar  of Events: July Highlights

Festivals, garden tours, and performances enliven every corner of the state this month.

What’s in a Picture?: Beached Mansion

A very unusual photograph captures the culmination  of a unique — and epic — sea voyage. By Joshua F. Moore.

I Remember: Boys of Summer

Some of the heroes of the 1957 Portland Little League are still champions today. By Edgar Allen Beem.


Cover: The Sparhawk Garden, Ogunquit, by Kevin Shields.