Down East April 2016 Cover

April 2016

The table of contents from the April 2016 issue of Down East.

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Tiny Is Beautiful

Who needs more than 300 or 400 square feet, anyway? From rustic to mod, six diminutive dwellings across the state show how a little creativity can yield big results. By Cynthia Anderson

Where the Loons Call

Three decades ago, Maine’s loon population was in freefall. Now the birds are doing so well that we’re about to start exporting them. We went peenting to learn more. By Virginia M. Wright

Country Way

Farming isn’t making a comeback on Whitefield’s Townhouse Road. It never went away. By Virginia M. Wright

I Dream of Dahlias

How one returned Mainer learned to stop worrying and love the bulbs. By Naomi Graychase


Where in Maine?

Can you name this lustrous little waterfall and the city where it’s found?


The Mail

North by East

Opinions, Advisories, and Musings from the Length and Breadth of Maine

Down East Dispatches

News You May Have Missed

Fogged In

A Fracas Over Foghorns

What’s in a Picture

Ice Out Contests

Happy Maine Postcard Day!

A Century of a Weird Holiday


Living the Maine Life


MDI’s Turrets Sea Side Garden

Making It in Maine

Rice and Beans Vintage


Pappardelle with Arugula Walnut Pesto

Room With a View

Divos of the Wetlands


What to Do in Maine This Month


Portland’s Union


Bohemian Rhapsody


A Girl Called Vincent

April Calendar

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April 1981 — Tofu–turists

Cover Photograph: Maine Loon by Paul Tessier

Additional photographs above: Irvin Serrano (house); Douglas Merriam (garden); Cait Bourgault (profile); Douglas Merriam (dining); Jason P. Smith (opera)