Summer of Speed

Palace Playland's Sea Viper
Photograph by Benjamin Williamson

Palace Playland’s newest coaster brings the heat.

Palace Playland owner Joel Golder had to buy the parking lot next door just to accommodate his newest toy, the Sea Viper roller coaster. Its predecessor, the Galaxi, had whipped visitors along its tracks since the early ’90s, when Golder bought the circa-1972 coaster from a shuttered amusement park in Omaha, Nebraska. But Golder recently decided it was time for some fresh excitement in his park, and the bigger, taller, thrillier Sea Viper replaced the old coaster this year. Proclaimed a wobbly-legged park worker after his maiden spin one recent morning: “Oh, it’s fast!”

Palace Playland is open daily through August. 1 Old Orchard St., Old Orchard Beach. 207-934-2001.

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The Sea Viper’s height, in feet, almost twice the Galaxi’s.


Miles between the Sea Viper’s manufacturer in Italy and Palace Playland.


Square feet the Sea Viper occupies, double the Galaxi’s real estate.

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The Sea Viper’s max miles per hour, compared to 31 on the Galaxi.


Seats on the Sea Viper, up from eight on the Galaxi.


Cost to purchase and install the new coaster.

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