September 1996



North by East

Opinions and advisories on the new fence at Pemaquid, the new policy at the Colony, and the new action at Montpelier.

Dawn’s Earliest Light

As America’s easternmost city, Eastport is always the first to greet the day -just one of the reasons people are trekking Down East. By Andrew Vietze.

It’s a Barn Raising!

Furniture maker Ann Flannery figured the most sensible way to build a new barn on her Topsham spread was to invite 100 friends over and see what happened. She was not disappointed. Photographs by Tonee Harbert.

Testing the Tides at Popham

Surfcasting for stripers draws a legion of anglers to the beach in September.

In the Heart of Baxter

Only campers  willing to hike for miles ever see Russell Pond, but most agree  it’s the ultimate destination in Baxter State Park. By Andrew Vietze.

My Cottage at Dark Harbor

Okay, I don’t really own it, but every time my husband and I stay at the elegant Dark Harbor House, we feel as though we do. By Deborah Dalfonso.

Making It In Maine

Making canes, creating kaleidoscopes, and forging knives — three crafty success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Monhegan or Bust

Sculling the fourteen nautical miles between Tenants Harbor and Monhegan would be a stellar way to mark my sixtieth year. Or so I thought. By George Carey.


An early photograph shows just how well-linked to the rest of the world Gardiner was in the 1890s. By Ellen Mac Donald Ward.

Trips Down East

A special forty-eight-page guide to the wonders of autumn in Maine complete with maps and itineraries.



Room  With a  View

Don’t try to tell me that a laundromat isn’t a place of mystery. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Penobscot Bay

Sears Island: What Now?

The Maine Viewpoint

Native Tongues

Inside Maine

Starry, Starry Sights

Down East Bookshelf

Hiking Guides

Dining Down East

Café Stroudwater, Portland

Along the Waterfront

Salty’s Junk

I Remember

Hurricane Babies


Cover: Eastport, by Brian Vanden Brink.