Down East July 1992

July 1992

The table of contents from the July 1992 issue of Down East.


East of Machias

In Washington County the hand of man rests lightly on the land. Houses, grand and humble, tell the story of serene and self-sufficient lives. By Beth Crichlow.

To the Manner Born

Deprived of the dolls and other toys she loved as a girl, Margaret Woodbury Strong, the late first lady of Kennebunk’s summer colony, grew up to amass the nation’s foremost collection of Americana — a trove that included 27,000 dolls. By Jeff Clark.

The Power and the Glory

Early in this century, young New York painter George Bellows found on Monhegan Island “enough beauty to supply a continent.” By Stephen May.

Clothes Make the Woman

And designer Mary McFarland makes the clothes — in her trademark bold colors and offbeat designs — in the tiny town of Mount Vernon. By Sarah Scott.

Last of the Great Laurels

Hidden away in a little-known sanctuary in Sanford, a rare stand of wild rhododendrons blossoms magnificently every July. By Jane Lamb.

The Rudy Vallee Defense

Invoking the playboy crooner’s name seemed the only way to save our Fourth of July weekend at Lake Kezar. By David E. Morine.

A Landmark to Remember

Portland’s Union Station fell victim to urban renewal zeal thirty years ago, but the memories linger on.

Putting Down Roots in Maine

A special section on Maine real estate by the Editors of Down East in collaboration with the Maine Association of Realtors.


Room With a View

A few days ago, I read in the paper the results  of a survey which claimed that cellular telephones have made travel less stressful, and since any travel faster than a brisk walk, in my opinion, creates stress, I read the full survey account carefully. By Caskie Stinnett.

Talk of West Buxton

Global Neighborhood

The Maine Viewpoint

Ship Shape

Along the Waterfront

Look Out, Benny

Cooking Down East

Salmon for the Fourth

Down East Bookshelf

Cold Times by Elizabeth Jordan Moore

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Mayday off Westport

Cover: Roaming the Down East coast taking photographs for the lead article in this issue, photographer Brian Vanden Brink came upon a house boldly looking out on the vast Atlantic that epitomized everything he felt about life east of Machias.