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[accordion] [item title=”Editor’s Note by Kathleen Fleury”][W]hen I was a little girl, my mom used to take me for breakfast at the Freeport Café. That’s the restaurant perched on the hill that you can see from I-295 as you cross the Cousins River from Yarmouth to Freeport. I haven’t been there in years, but I remember the décor and the layout of the room exactly. I always ordered the silver-dollar pancakes — I was never one for eggs and home fries or breakfasts of the savory sort — and, while the frequency of our morning dates and many other details have faded, I do know my mom and I shared much more than just food.

Kathleen Fleury, Down East Magazine
Kathleen Fleury

Going out for breakfast turns an ordinary day into something special. As we searched for the best breakfasts that Maine has to offer, we also found a great way to brighten a midwinter morning. Beginning on page 42, you’ll find 30 delectable — and budget-friendly — ways to start your day, whether you’re fueling up for the slopes or going to the office. You’ll find outrageously good interpretations of traditional American breakfasts, like egg sandwiches and French toast, as well as some unexpected offerings, like a lobster omelet, poutine, and even pho, the aromatic and delicious Vietnamese noodle soup.

This entire issue is probably best enjoyed over a cup or two of coffee — we have some great stories inside, from an examination of the recent snowy owl “invasion” to a comic-book rendition of what may or may not be Maine’s first sober barn raising. You’ll appreciate the warmth of your cup when you read about Diane Cowan’s chilly residence on an iced-in island last winter.

My daughter and I have established our own breakfast tradition at Camden’s Boynton-McKay Food Co. She sticks with blueberry pancakes, and I’ve traded my old sweet-carb favorite for Boynton’s breakfast skillet #2 with chorizo. This time of year, we like to get cozy in one of the old-fashioned booths, sip steaming cups of cocoa (with whipped cream, of course), and wipe the fog off the window to watch the snow falling outside. Breakfast is a social affair in a small town like ours — every time we go, we run into friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, and we’re reminded that this sense of community is why we love this place we call home. Plus, the blueberry pancakes really are the best. — Kathleen Fleury[/item] [/accordion]


Maine’s Best Breakfasts

Wakey, wakey! Eggs and bakey! We got up early to feast on Vacationland’s 30 best breakfast dishes. (It’s a tough job, but somebody had to do it).

The First Sober Barn Raising in Maine?

We asked O’Chang Comics — the team behind Maine’s cult favorite Temp Tales viral videos — to illustrate an oddball tidbit from a venerable history text. By Hanji Chang and Andy O’Brien


A lobster scientist is iced-in for 34 days on a Maine island during one of the worst winters in recent memory. Can she survive the solitude? And the lack of rum? By Diane Cowan

Plus! Retire in Maine

Our annual retirement supplement, featuring a comprehensive guide to retirement communities in the Pine Tree State.

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Where in Maine?

Can you name this charming chapel and the town where it’s found?


The Mail

North by East

Opinions, Advisories, and Musings from the Length and Breadth of Maine

Down East Dispatches

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