December 2004


The Chosen Place

For all sorts of reasons that aren’t immediately apparent, Hallowell is the kind of Maine town that people seek to settle in rather than just end up in. By Baron Wormser.

Reconsidering Winter

Long overshadowed by more famous Monhegan artists, Andrew Winter and his monumental winterscapes are only now coming into their own — almost fifty years after his death. By Edgar Allen Beem.

Boughs of Folly

Who needs mistletoe when there’s Megabucks? Photograph by Melonie Bennett.

Which Maine Hospitals Must Go?

Most of the state’s thirty-nine hospitals are  in shock after reading the draft proposals of the Commission to Study Maine Hospitals. Senior Editor Jeff Clark explains why.

Master of the Moosepath League

Edgecomb is the home of an engaging writer who has penned a  wildly popular series of historical novels. By Virginia Wright.

Fiery Finale in Eastport

Almost a century after five Civil War battleships were beached and burned on the Down East coast, the efforts of a local historian are keeping alive the memory of the great vessels. By Henry Lofton.

Snow Day

When this snapshot of a small Camden house was made some fifty years ago, the folks inside the cozy cottage had no idea what the future might hold  for them and for Maine-minded souls everywhere. By Joshua F. Moore.



North by East: National Recognition

Opinions and advisories on some good news in Machias, some bad news in Mars Hill, and some heartening news in the cyberspace of Augusta.

The Talk of Maine: Everyone’s Favorite Uncle

At Christmastime and throughout the year, thrifty Mainers rely on the pages of the state’s most widely read weekly, Uncle Henry’s. By Brian Fiske.

The Maine Viewpoint: Water Tax

Taxing bottled water from Maine only sounds like a good idea, as an editorial from the Kennebec Journal argues. Plus other opinions on the debate over rails or trails in Washington County, the continuing failure of many Maine schools to meet some odd federal standards, and a new initiative to deal with the state’s chronic obesity problem.

lnside Maine: Comfy Camping

Mainers no longer need to cross the state line to enjoy some of the best “huts” in the East, thanks to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s latest acquisition. Also tips on a new factory-outlet store in Dover-Foxcroft, a chowder-of-the-month club, a fresh season of contradances across the state, and a popular new bakery in Rockland. By Andrew Vietze.

Dining Down East: The Audubon Room, Cape Elizabeth

The dining room at the Inn by the Sea is a treat for locals as well as travelers — or anyone seeking to sample the best lobster bisque in Maine. By Maria Padian.

Down East Bookshelf: Island Rhapsody

On its twentieth anniversary the Island Institute makes a glamorous case for its mission. By Agnes Bushell.

Calendar of  Event: December Highlights

‘Tis the season for Christrnas carols, holiday craft shows, and sugarplum fairies.

I Remember: Real Ice

For great skating, no rink can compare to a frozen Maine pond. By Pamela Chodosh.


Cover: Hallowell, by Greg Morley.