Where in Maine

Can you name this scrappy Maine mill town?

Rumford, Maine
📸 Darylann Leonard

A hulk of a paper mill, steam and smoke rising from its stacks, tends to dominate conversations about this western Maine town, and for good reason: It’s the region’s largest employer, with 640 workers. When the market idles its machines — and when it brings them back to life — it’s news. But as this sunset view from across the river reveals, there’s more to this place than paper. There are mountains and forests and the river itself, which tumbles so spectacularly here that some residents have been pushing for a zip-line park over the falls. First floated a few years ago, the idea has yet to gain traction, but it’s proven resilient, much like the town. Meanwhile, other thrills await at a community ski mountain on the northwest edge of town. The little resort has hosted numerous national championships, thanks to Nordic trails developed by the same champion skier who designed the Olympic cross-country trails at Lake Placid. “It’s only a little club,” the two-time Olympian, a native son who died late last year at age 98, once said, “but we do big things.”