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the olson house
the olson house

Can you name this landmark and the town where it's found?

[dropcap letter=”I”]n 1743, three brothers with a 100-acre land grant came from Salem, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, to a pine-studded point in the Province of Maine, overlooking a quiet cove. Each brother built a cabin, one of which was eventually replaced with what’s now the main frame of this classic New England farmhouse, a National Historic Landmark since 2011. In 1892, an unseasonable freeze forced a sailor ashore nearby; he married into the family, and today, the house bears his name.

The pitched roof was added in 1871 to make room for third-floor bedrooms — it’s recently been reshingled, giving the place a fresher look than in older depictions. And there have been a few depictions. The house is actually among Maine’s more commonly photographed sites, and although legions of people have laid eyes on it, most have done so via a strange little reproduction located in a hallway in Manhattan — a world away, you might say.

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