Where in Maine

Bubble Pond
📸 Susan Garver

Can you name this pond-and-mountain pairing?

[dropcap letter=”T”]he wooded peak overlooking this quiet pond takes its name from a Wabanaki word variously interpreted as “the sloping land” or “range of mountains,” which once referred to the whole surrounding area. During the glacial era, massive ice sheets sculpted the region’s hills and carved its myriad basins. The landscape those glaciers left behind can be tricky for modern-day travelers to navigate — particularly as they now number in the millions each year. Until 2016, a summer visitor could drive right up and enjoy this view; it’s now seasonally accessible only to hikers, bikers, and bus riders. The pond is named not for the mountain seen here but for the next landform over, which — if you believe local lore — once had a moniker a bit more suggestive. There’s nothing bawdy about the name today, although it is, shall we say, effervescent.

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