Where In Maine? Our Favorite Answer

Here is our favorite letter from July's “Where in Maine?” photo of The Olson House.

the olson house

The Olson House

Where in Maine?
July 2019

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from July’s photo of The Olson House.

Not going to lie: many, many moons ago, a certain someone and a couple of her pals snuck into the ell of this home through an unlocked back door. It was all in broad daylight, to satisfy the curiosity of a few schoolteachers. (Do teachers really do this sort of thing? Yes, they do, and somewhere, there’s a photograph to prove it.) Since then, through research on and visits to the Olson House, I’ve come to value and appreciate even more the artwork of Andrew Wyeth, the life of Christina and Alvaro Olson, and of course, the Farnsworth Art Museum, for its preservation. Christina’s World hangs on the wall in our family room, thanks to my dear husband, who requested a print as a wedding anniversary gift a few years back. Thank you for sharing a photo of this treasure.

Mary Hyland, Searsmont, Maine

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