Our Favorite Letter

wild island
📷 Bridget Besaw


Where in Maine?
July 2018
wild island

Marshall Island

Photographed by Bridget Besaw

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from July’s photo of Marshall Island.

[dropcap letter=”N”]o question, just from picture: Marshall Island. We are boaters from Boothbay who cruise Downeast every summer, and Marshall is a must-stop. Mostly, we have the island to ourselves. The hikes, the beaches, the meadow on the northeast corner — all wondrous. The airstrip is still there, a bit weird in the midst of all the fabulous nature, but a reminder of what might have been. We are so fortunate the island has been preserved and that Maine Coast Heritage Trust maintains the trails for all to enjoy. — Elsie Freeman and Kip Neale, Trevett, Maine

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Maine Coast Heritage Trust
Sponsored by Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Like what you see? This spot is one of dozens of pristine coastal havens conserved for you by MCHT, Maine’s coast-wide land trust. All 130-plus MCHT preserves are free and open to the public. Find one near you.