Where in Maine?

Where in Maine?

Photographed by Drew Fortin

Can you identify this slumbering harbor?

Those of us who live on the Maine coast are accustomed to dramatic seasonal changes, but even we’re challenged to reconcile this tranquil, deserted harbor with its reputation as one of the country’s premier yachting ports. Just south of this landing are a yacht club and a boatyard whose combined members’ boats form a forest of masts in summer, making this the largest mooring field north of Marblehead, Massachusetts. About two years ago, a group of sailing friends managed to convince a land trust to purchase part of the 40-acre island that lies shrouded in wintry mist directly across from the pier. With four beaches, the preserve is a favorite picnicking destination of sailors and kayakers alike. The other half of the island is privately owned; in fact, you could own part of it yourself if you’ve got $4.9 million to spare — that’s the price tag on a 22-acre waterfront parcel with a rambling, 120-year-old house. Back on the mainland, the neighborhood around this landing is among the state’s wealthiest. Residents include both a former governor and a former senator.

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