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Where in Maine

Where in Maine
July 2015

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from July.

The photo in your July issue is the town dock in Sorrento. I spent a good portion of every summer there, starting when I was a small child until well into my 20s, and I still return when I can. It is definitely a step back in time after you turn off Route 1, drive down Waukeag Neck, and arrive in the village, with its spectacular view of Mt. Desert Island. When we were kids, most of the beat-up dinghies had the oars and oarlocks in the boat. Everybody knew who owned each boat, and if you needed to use one, you did, then always returned it how you found it. I have lifelong friends and terrific memories from messing around that harbor. Glad to see that the paint jobs on the dinghies are still not a concern.

Tom Chamberlin
Exeter, New Hampshire

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Where in Maine photograph by Susan Cole Kelly.

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