Down East May 1991

May 1991

The table of contents from the May 1991 issue of Down East.


Teaching as a Subversive Activity

Outspoken teacher Bill Nave has focused national attention on a revolutionary new program at River Valley School, in Turner. By Patrick Morris.

Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Although his inventions malfunctioned and his books went unread, Squire Jonathan Morgan was one of Portland’s most unforgettable Victorians. By William David Barry.

Hey, Wanna Buy a Used Railroad?

After 120 years, the City of Belfast is reluctantly putting the venerable old Belfast and Moosehead Lake on the block. By Jeff Clark.

Tulip Time

In a verdant Camden backyard, scores of bright blooms salute the season. Photographs by Kevin Shields.

Elegant Elmhurst

With a ballroom in the attic and a swimming pool in the cellar, shipbuilder John S. Hyde’s Bath estate was Maine’s most magnificent mansion. By Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.

Seeing the Light

Living year round at a lighthouse prompts a photographer to consider life on the coast of Maine in a new light. Photographs by Thomas Mark Szelog.

Making It In Maine

Specialty sauces in Bremen, children’s clothes in Nobleboro — two more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Place of the Month: Ogunquit

May is bargain time in this southern Maine resort town, renowned for its beach, spectacular cliff walk, and assortment of accommodations and restaurants.

Boating Down East

A Guide to Summer Pleasures Afloat, an annual twenty-four-page supplement by the Editors of Down East.


Room With A View

An electronic writing machine, with all of its glow and mechanical volatility, is not, in the first instance, a creative device and it  may even be counter-creative in that the big screen and the fascinating juxtaposition capability of words, phrases, and sentences are quite likely to be diversionary. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Camden

Fighting the Feds

The Maine Viewpoint

Close the Green Fronts!

Down East Bookshelf

Maine Cookbooks

Outdoor Maine

Spring Angling

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Whitewater in Westbrook

Cover: Seal pup at Marshall Point Light, by Thomas Mark Szelog.