June 1998



North By East

Opinions and musings on Deer Isle’s unique Congo church(es), Portland’s promising new marketplace, and Maine’s reluctant tobacco mogul.

Carrabassett Freshets

This odd little upcountry river is never livelier than in springtime, and even auto-bound explorers can enjoy the spectacle. By Andrew Vietze.

One Sweet Game

At Hadlock Field in Portland, baseball is played the way it was meant to be – and the fans eat it up. By Al Diamon.

Fancy Fences

From Bangor to Boston, classic wooden fences designed and built by Ron Forest grace many an upscale yard. By Jeff Clark.

The Ultimate Bridal Boutique

Maine’s most unlikely shop for brides is located upstairs at Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, where you can also buy custom-cut meats, guns, lawnmowers, washboards, and Wheaties. By Sarah Goodyear.

Laying Claim to Monhegan

Unless you’re an islander, a cottager, or a painter, there’s only one way to gain some stature on this storybook isle: hike around the entire chunk of land. By Elizabeth Peavey.

Washday on Matinicus

A seemingly candid portrait of a mundane chore is more artful than it appears. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

The Farnsworth at Fifty

A full-color commemorative program  for the June 21 opening of Farnsworth Art Museum’s remarkable new Center for the Wyeth Family in Maine.



Room With A View

A man who serves his guest lobster is moving beyond the bounds of conventional hospitality. By Caskie Stinnett.

The  Talk of Maine

The Right Stuff

The Maine Viewpoint

Millinocket’s Pain

Inside Maine

A Vacation on Vinalhaven

Dining Down East

Slate’s of Hallowell

Down East Bookshelf

Odd Couple

Along the Waterfront

Another ‘Old Gaffer’

I Remember

Majority Opinion


Cover: Monhegan village,with Manana Island beyond, by Dean Abramson.