July 2017

July 2017

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Editor’s Note by Kathleen Fleury
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Ed note[dropcap letter=”I”]t’s that time again, when our staff and contributors get together to talk about all the best things to eat, do, and see in Maine. Readers always ask me how we pick these winners. There’s no mystery to it, though: we mine most of these gems from our day-to-day travels around the state. All of us are constantly on the lookout for outstanding experiences we can share with you. Every year, I look forward to the results, and this year’s list is no exception.

These lists are great fun, but they consist mostly of things and experiences. I love living in Maine mostly because of the people. So here’s a shout-out to a few of the Mainers I’ve crossed paths with this year who offer incredible services you’re not likely to find on a best-of list. People like these make life in Maine the best in the world — every day.

Ellie Best and Melissa Marshall

The Waterfront Restaurant,
40 Bayview St., Camden

Not only do these women graciously put up with my children in their very busy restaurant on an almost weekly basis, they do it with a smile. And, oh yeah, the food is as fantastic as the view.

Tashi Armstrong

Dzogchen Meditation Center,
4 Armstrong Way, West Bath

Tashi is not your run-of-the-mill host, and Dzogchen is not your typical pampering retreat. It’s a serious Buddhist meditation practice, perched on the bank of the New Meadows River, and it’s not for dabblers (trust me on this one). You won’t find spa amenities here, but Tashi will help you find the nature of your mind.

Jennifer Baca

The Cutting Room Hair Salon,
78 Elm St., Camden

Jenn is a killer hairstylist, who gives bold and beautiful haircuts at this downtown Camden salon.

Skip Starr

The Green Thumb,
181 Rockland St., Rockport

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been tackling weeds at our house this year — lots of them. Skip has been exceedingly patient and helpful in advising me how to get rid of them the good old-fashioned organic way. Hopefully, we’ll actually get around to planting by next year!

Michelle Fiske

Coastal Maine Pediatric Dentistry,
84 Baribeau Dr., Brunswick

When your 5-year-old tells you that the experience that’s made her most happy recently was getting her cavities filled, you know you’ve found dental utopia. Honestly, Michelle, you’re an incredible dental assistant and my daughter’s favorite person in the world!

– Kathleen Fleury

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