July 1995



North by East

Opinions and advisories on the Portland Observatory, summer drivers, and the unsettling incursion of phone service into the heart of the North Woods.

Quiet Heroes of the Maine Islands

The Maine Island Trail and the 3,000 men and women who maintain it are little by little changing the way people think about the state’s wilderness islands. By Jeff Clark.

Riding the Rails to Newcastle

Departing Wiscasset several times daily, the Maine Coast Railroad’s scenic line is chugging through another busy season.

Once More to the Lake

If Bear Spring Camps’ most famous guest were to return to his favorite Belgrade Lakes resort today, he’d be gratified to find nothing much has changed. By Chistopher Corbett.

Where in Maine?

It’s the only lighthouse on the entire coast that was not built as an aid to navigation. Recognize it?

The Amazing Miss Furbish

Kate Furbish’s abrupt mid-life decision to track down all the plants growing in Maine turned into a  life’s work still prized for its artistry. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

The Maine Black Dog

More pal than pet, and too sensible to be pedigreed, this canny canine is a Mainer’s best friend. By Nicols Fox.

Little Deer Idyll

Just north of bustling Deer Isle is a small island where life is heightened but not hastened by the tides of summer. By Andrew Vietze.

Porcelain Windows on the Past

Once again popular with collectors, antique souvenir china provides intriguing views of old Maine — painted in Germany. By Laurence W. Williams.

Adventurers on Mount Desert

Buckboards and down-home cooking were about the only creature comforts available to the island’s earliest summer visitors. By John Cole.

Making It In Maine

Gathering wildflowers, smithing, and making tiles — three more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

In the Can

At the tum of the century, Maine’s sardine-packing industry ruled the coast.



Room  With a View

I fight off fashion as though it were a crippling virus, but I have to admit I have gotten nowhere and usually I’m just flailing the air. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Ogunquit

Playhouse to the Stars

The Maine Viewpoint

Safest State

Inside Maine

Mattawamkeag Hideaway

Down East Bookshelf

DeLorme’s Maine Atlas

Along the Waterfront

Workhorse of a Skiff

I Remember

Camp Walden at War


Cover: Sea kayakers off Eben Island,  part of the Maine Island Trail. Photograph by Jim Dugan.