December 1995



North by East

Advisories and opinions on the university’s foremost student of snowflakes, Southwest Harbor’s ice pond, and Maine’s gourmet groundwater.

New Lifeline to the Islands

Even when islanders down east are locked in by winter, they know they can count on regular visits from the Maine Sea Coast Mission’s sturdy new boat and its capable new minister. By Ken Textor.

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

Portland celebrates Christmas present with a polite nod to its Victorian past. Photographs by Colin Malakie.

Everybody’s Bird Buddy

Come winter, the chickadee seems to get a kick out of being around people. Ever wonder why? By John Cole.

Smiling Faces

Margie Johnson didn’t understand the allure of limited edition dolls until she saw how fast they were walking out of her gift shop. By Daurelle Golden Harris.

Pristine Chapel

The classic lines of Bath’s Church of the New Jerusalem are unequalled by any other house of worship in Maine.

Fir Traders

Selling “Christmas trees” in Portland before the notion had quite caught on was a greater challenge than some enterprising upcountry boys had imagined. By C.A. Stephens.

Turning Beach Stones into Gemstones

An alchemist of the finest kind, Sam Shaw has an eye  for what is beautiful on the beach — and a unique way of revealing it to others. By Mark Condon.

Where in Maine?

Few vacationers have ever viewed this midcoast town from such an angle. Do you recognize it?

The Bean Scene Past Midnight

Who shops at Maine’s best-known outfitter in the middle of the night? Edgar Allen Beem stayed up to find out.

Plowing Ahead

Just sixty years ago, the novelty of a municipal snowplow was still fresh enough in Fort Fairfield to warrant a formal portrait. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With a View

Getting to  the island in my small whaler would have been embarking on a fool’s errand; my hope at the moment was that the shack in which I had taken refuge would not blow over. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Bass Harbor

December Lobstering

The Maine Viewpoint

Bottle Bill Challenged

Inside Maine


Down East Bookshelf

Ducktrap: Chronicles of a Maine Village by Diane Roesing O’Brien

Along the Waterfront

Round-the-World Racer

I Remember

Our First Winter


Cover: The Church of the New Jerusalem, Bath, by Brian Vanden Brink.