July 1990



Winter Harbor

Maine’s unlikeliest community is a congenial mix of fishing village, exclusive summer resort, and the U.S. Navy. By M.N. McKenna.

Much Ado Over Caribou

Released to the Maine wilderness, a brave little band of Canadian imports carries the fate of a widely ballyhooed experiment. By Lyn Riddle.

Sunset on the Rocks

No artist has captured the Maine coast quite as  brilliantly as Winslow Homer did at Prouts Neck.

Last of the Lightkeepers

When Brad Culp and his family leave Goat Island Light for the final time this summer, they will go down in Maine history as the last to have manned a lighthouse. By Jeff Clark.

Lobster Blues

Yes, it’s true, there are such things as blue lobsters and they may help save a declining industry. By F. Stephen Ward.

On the Beach

For photographer Rand Raabe, everything that washes up along the shore becomes a subject for his camera.

Place of Wonder

For better than forty years an island in Penobscot Bay has been home and inspiration to award-winning children’s author and illustrator Robert McCloskey. By Michael Brosnan.

The Medium Was The Message

An evening at the Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp left at least one unanswered question. By Peter Spectre.

Ruth Moore vs. Hollywood

Tinseltown held no appeal to the plain-spoken writer from Gott’s island. By John Gould.

Last of the Pequawkets

Every July, Bethel celebrates  Molly Ockett Day in honor of a legendary Indian woman revered among early settlers for her kindness and healing powers. By Bunny McBride.



Room With A View

The fashionable thing is to describe colors in terms of  food. “Well-known foods,”the article asserted, “convey the true tonal quality of colors in a way the old terms could never equal. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Wells

Harbor Hubbub

The Maine Viewpoint

Restore the Rails

Letter from Upcountry

At End of Day

Along the Waterfront

Multihull Invasion

Down East Bookshelf

Come Spring by Ben Ames Williams

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Ladies of Nonantum


Cover: The keeper and his charge — Goat Island Light, off Cape Porpoise. Photograph by Benjamin Magro.


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