Down East September 2006

September 2006

The table of contents from the September 2006 issue of Down East.


Reinventing Brunswick

What happens when a navy town loses its base?

  • By: Virginia Wright
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

All Creatures Vicious & Vile

In a hilarious excerpt from his new book, While You’re Here Doc: Farmyard Adventures of a Maine Veterinarian, Bradford Brown remembers one Maine monkey that didn’t exactly shine.

  • Illustrations by: Chris Van Dusen

A Maine Ghost Town

What happened to the lost hamlet of Freeman Ridge?

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Greg Morley

Roadside Rebel

As stubborn as it is handsome, wild tansy refuses to be hemmed in. Maine’s gardeners forgive the rude manners and pledge eternal devotion.

  • By: Rebecca Sawyer-Fay
  • Photography by: Peggy McKenna

A Journey of Hope

A unique organization based in Maine believes in the healing power of nature for people who find themselves at a personal crossroads.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Carl D. Walsh

Are We Ready?

What happens if a major hurricane hits Maine?

  • By: Jeff Clark

A Touch of Madness

The only thing crazier than playing on a homemade golf course is building one.

  • By: Elizabeth Peavey
  • Photography by: Russell Kaye


Where in Maine?

Building a universe is not easy. Constructing a solar system, now, that’s more manageable. You still need a lot of space, though. Lucky for the folks who built the planet pictured here, there is plenty of terrain in the far reaches of the Pine Tree State. A whole host of people donated their time to…


North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.


Tax Wars: The Sequel

Two years ago Mainers beat themselves black and blue over a referendum question that promised lower taxes and threatened government services. Now we’re about to do it all over again. Blame Mary Adams. Adams is the soft-spoken firebrand behind the referendum campaign that put the Taxpayer Bill of Rights…

  • By: Jeff Clark

Letters to the Editor

Where in Maine? You are absolutely right that we have precious few unspoiled seacoast spots remaining in southern Maine, and we agree that Cape Porpoise Harbor, the subject of your July “Where in Maine?” photograph, is surely one of them. In the past we bought all our seafood from the lobster pound pictured…


Editor’s Note

I lived in Brunswick for three years and worked there, off and on, for seven. Brunswick is where I met my wife. We had our first date at a Chinese restaurant on Maine Street. But despite all the years I spent in Brunswick, I have always had a problem describing the town to people. Bowdoin is located…

  • By: Paul Doiron

Fleeing Katrina

We didn’t need an excuse to come home to Maine, but a hurricane provided one anyway.

  • By: Kurtis Clements

LURC Gets Tough

Editorial opinions from across the state.


Inside Maine

Web Wise Dear Diary Anglers have always kept fishing diaries to record their catches and other bits of information gleaned from hours spent on the water. Lately, though, fishermen have begun trading in their pocket notebooks for something better suited to the virtual age. TripTracks Fishing Logbook…



Exhibit School Days –  A cutting-edge art school in Maine? It was a wild idea sixty years ago when four artists set out to transform a rural farm into an important place of learning, but the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture defied all doubters. And this fall the Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville…


The Pause That Refreshes

A carefully composed photograph captures a relaxing late summer afternoon in Camden.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore