Down East September 2000

September 2000

The table of contents from the September 2000 issue of Down East.


Name This Stretch of Coastline

The craggy coast of Maine is just as intriguing from the air, as a new book of photographs by Charles Feil demonstrates. Regonize any of these locales? Image subjects: aerial view of Jonesport and Beals aerial view of Boothbay Harbor aerial view of Little Deer Isle and Deer Isle aerial view of Castine

  • By: John Falk
  • Photography by: Charles Feil

Celebrating the Good Life

Ideas that were considered way out when the Common Ground Country Fair opened in the tempestuous seventies have become mainstream in Maine over the years. Image subjects: view of fair, tents, people eating at picnic table fair-goer spinning yarn at the Common Ground Fair Man playing squeeze box at fair

  • By: John Brindle
  • and Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

A Day in the Life of the Rockland Breakwater

From dawn till dusk and beyond, all kinds of people find their way out onto the great granite jetty that separates the harbor from the bay. Image subjects: Granite jetty at the Rockland Breakwater Location: Rockland

  • By: Paul Doiron
  • and Jerry Warrington
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

A North Woods Dynasty

Matt and Ellen Libby are the fourth generation of Libbys to be catering to anglers in the farthest corners of Maine. Image subjects: Ellen and Matt Libby and Matt Jr. and Alison. cabin at Libby Camps inside lodge inside a cabin fishing from canoe float plane at dock two guides at camps Location: Millinocket

  • By: Charles Waterman
  • and Andrew Vietze
  • Photography by: Richard Procopio

Drifts of Color

For one Castine gardener, self-seeding wildflowers and annuals are as important as prized perennials in creating a timeless garden. Image subjects: Feller-Roth house and garden Feller-Roth flower garden flowers in Feller-Roth garden flowers in Feller-Roth garden flowers in Feller-Roth garden flowers

  • By: John Barsness
  • and Richard Grant
  • Photography by: Craig Becker

Where in Maine?

This sweet little church seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Image subjects: Church Location: North Fryeburg

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Nastiest Beast In Maine

The fisher is a four-legged killing machine with a disposition that is downright ugly. Image subjects: fisher fisher on the ground

  • By: Galen Winter
  • and John Cole
  • Photography by: Leonard Lee Rue III

Naked Glee

A fixture in Ogunquit since its days as a top art colony, Isabel Lewando still confronts local issues with a mixture of brio, determination and whimsy that is utterly irrepressible. Image subjects: Isabel Lewando at home Isabel Lewando with pet rooster Isabel Lewando at beach Isabel Lewando at the Ogunquit

  • By: Annette Bignami
  • Louise Bignami
  • and Paul Mann
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro


Moorings Denied

Army Corps of Engineers denies application to put down twelve moorings-for-hire.

  • By: Dave Carty
  • and James P. Brown

Around Isleboro

The race around Islesboro is no longer for single-handlers only. Location: Islesboro

  • By: Stuart Williams
  • and James P. Brown

Law Business

Teaching cops to book crooks and do the books.

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Meteorite Hunter

A Blue Hill man searches for space stones.

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Home on the Range

Winterport’s unlikeliest four-legged residents. Location: Winterport

  • By: David Wonderlich

Uncle Henry’s Vignettes

Often the ads in “Uncle Henry’s” guides tell us more about Mainers than some newspapers do.

  • By: Steve Smith

A Bigger, Better Baxter?

The biggest (and quietest) issue simmering in Maine today is the proposed North Woods Park. Location: North Woods

  • By: Jeff Clark

Following Orders

The Kennebec River Rail Trail is as good as advertised. Location: Solon

  • By: John Daggett

Briefly Noted

Books reviewed here include: “My Only Story” by Monica Wood and “Captain Moody and His Observatory” by John K. Moulton.

  • By: Stuart Williams
  • and Paul Doiron

Time Capsule

The Marshfield of 100 years ago still lives in a small Maine classic that’s back in print. Location: Marshfield

  • By: John Taylor
  • and Richard Grant

Talking Trees

Different kinds of leaves turn different colors: here’s a handy guide. Image subjects: stand of birch trees in autumn

  • By: John Barsness
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Ask Maine’s Leaf Lady

She can answer just about any question you throw at her regarding fall foliage in Maine.

  • By: Steve Smith

Controlling Growth

Maine Sunday Telegram: Towns should prepare for development. Location: Scarborough

  • By: Robert Elman

Best of the Harvest

Maine’s many farmers’ markets offer some of the freshest produce available. Here is a list of some of them.

  • By: David Wonderlich
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

Autumn Antique Shows

Hunting for fine antiques has long been a popular fall pastime in Maine. Image subjects: antique porcelain

  • By: Steve Smith
  • Photography by: Nance Trueworthy

Lunching in Portland

Dining at Federal Spice can be a good spot for people watching, but the food is the real draw. Location: Portland

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Acadia at its Best

Pity the crowds of summer who miss the spectacle of autumn in the park. Location: Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island

  • By: David Wonderlich

Floating Farms

Times Record: Aquaculture may become the primary growth industry in the state according to Peter Drucker.

  • By: Carol Vance Wary

Portland’s Fall Season

As the leaves turn, the pace in Maine’s largest city begins to quicken.

  • By: Stuart Williams

Hospitality Down East

When spending the night in Addison, the Pleasant Bay B&B offers accommodations, views and llamas. Location: Addison

  • By: Tom Huggler
  • and Andrew Vietze

A Walk in the Woods

Across the state, the rewards of getting out of the car and strolling along a trail are multiplied in the color season. Image subjects: couple walking a leaf covered trail in the woods during fall foliage season

  • By: Tom Davis
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Leaf-Season Loops

Five easy itineraries guaranteed to show off some of Maine’s finest foliage. Image subjects: road through woods in fall foliage

  • By: Matt Byrne
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Maritime Heritage Trail

For nautical buffs, a new coalition of museums, sites, and schools simplifies tracing Maine’s connection to the sea. Image subjects: Portland Head Light

  • By: David Simpson
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

Exploring Maine in Autumn

A few tips for making the most of the foliage season Down East. Image subjects: whale watching aboard a boat biking in autumn fishing in river photographers at sun set or sun rise

  • By: Stephen Bodio
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink
  • Kevin Shields
  • Richard Giguere
  • and Michele Stapleton

For More Information

Chambers of commerce in every corner of the state have brochures, websites and advice that can save you time and money.

  • By: Robert Elman
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

Pick Your Own Apples

As orchards burgeon across the state, families and couples take to the ladders. Image subjects: apples on tree in the fall

  • By: Charles Waterman
  • Photography by: Nance Trueworthy

First Love

The last thing I expected as a thirteen year old stuck in Corea was infatuation. Location: Corea

  • By: John Barsness
  • and Marie Malin

Maggie’s Restaurant

A bistro serving only the freshest local seafood is one of Bar Harbor’s best-kept secrets. Image subjects: Maggie O’Neil and staff at Maggie’s Restaurant Location: Bar Harbor

  • By: Paul Doiron
  • and Stephen Bodio
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton

Ninety-Day Wonder

Workmen facing the camera during construction of the Passaconaway Inn in Cape Neddick in 1892. Location: Cape Neddick

  • By: Robert Elman
  • and Ellen MacDonald Ward