September 1998



North By East

Opinions and musings on a couple of Maine battle flags, a Portlander who says he rents out husbands, and the advent of Labor Day.

A Lobsterman’s Life

If many seafood lovers are a little fuzzy on just how their lobster was coaxed from the sea, most are completely in the dark about what a Maine lobsterman and his family go through day in and day out. Meet Maynard Brewer, of Southport Island, who’s been lobstering since he was six. By Edgar Allen Beem.

A Walk in the Woods

Trekking from Caratunk to Monson is how best-selling boomer Bill Bryson became acquainted with Maine.

Maine’s Second Most Popular King

His national profile hardly rivals that of a certain novelist from Bangor, but in Maine Angus King is a bona fide celebrity. Jeff Clark looks at why he’s so popular — and why he’s having such a good time being governor.

View from the Top

Few nowadays get to see what  it looks like from the top of Petit Manan Light. Photographer Thomas Mark Szelog is an exception.

Natural Born Leader

Although Joan Welsh is credited with single-handedly shaking up Hurricane Island Outward Bound, she calls herself a team player — in the best tradition of the famous school. By Patrick Morris.

Where in Maine?

Someplace in the Pine Tree State is a covered bridge like none other. Know where?

Maine’s Most Musical Mansion

A proud manse in Wiscasset contains one of the world’s greatest collections of mechanical music makers — from rare old music boxes to mint-condition gramophones. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Toting the Hooch

A melodramatic photograph from 1920 purports to show that liquor arriving at Portland Harbor was routinely confiscated, but it wouldn’t have fooled most Mainers of the day. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Trips Down East

A special forty-eight-page guide to the fall-foliage season in Maine, complete with tips on lodging, dining, itineraries, hikes, and events.



Room  With A View

I believe most Mainers are concerned over the invasion of our speech, movies, and literature by the wave of disturbingly crude images, and there are some of us who yearn for the days when decency was not unfashionable. By Caskie Stinnett.

The  Talk of Maine

Loaded for Bear

The Maine Viewpoint

Quieter Acadia

Inside Maine

Pistachio Perfection

Dining Down East

Squire Tarbox Inn

Down East Bookshelf

Sea Saws

Along the  Waterfront

Will She Scream?

I Remember

Calamity in Casco Bay


Cover: Lobsterman Maynard Brewer, of Southport Island, measuring a possible keeper. Photographed by Douglas Merriam.