September 1995




North by East

Opinions and advisories on hot dogs, shipwreck discoveries, and a Portland coffeehouse with international connections.

Oasis of Wilderness

One of the wildest places in Maine sits smack in the middle of Portland’s busy suburbs. How did  it ever escape development? By Paul Karr and Jeff Clark.

Hooked on Boats

Cy Hamlin never outgrew his boyhood fascination with things that float. As dean of naval architects in Maine, he’s still toying with new ideas. By James P. Brown.

Which One is Zorro?

A simple new technique for studying humpback whales allows scientists nowadays to name the beasts.

‘Let Every Hour Be Filled to the Brim’

A one-man perpetual-motion machine in his lifetime, Jonathan Fisher is  still a presence in Blue Hill today. By Joseph E. Brown.

Scaling the Precipice

Despite warnings, thousands each summer scramble up the sheer eastern face of Acadia’s Champlain Mountain. By Andrew Vietze.

Dad, Me, and Minnie Canarnie

On our Maine vacations, it was my imaginary friend who set the pace.  A reminiscence by George Carey.

Real Friendship

Hollywood didn’t think this harbor looked authentic enough to use in the current hit movie that is ostensibly set here. But no one around town is complaining. By Joseph E. Brown.

Roadside Attractions

Part of the slow process of becoming a Mainer is learning what grows here without any coaxing. By Richard Grant.

Making It In Maine

Baking bread, squeezing juice, and smoking fish — three delectable success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Hanging in Suspense

ln 1937, a routine assignment at Old Orchard Beach lifted a hapless newsreel cameraman to great heights. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Trips Down East

A special 48-page guide to the splendors of autumn in Maine, complete with maps and itineraries.



Room  With a View

I began to wonder what this place would be like to my son’s sons. Had all of the changes that I have made (they are called “improvements”) increased the value of the place but at the expense of its soul? By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of the Turnpike

Widening the Pike

The Maine Viewpoint

Controlling the Budget

Down East Bookshelf

Drinking the Rain by Alix Kates Shulman

Along the Waterfront

Hackmatack Rediscovered

I Remember

Sis and the Salmon


Cover: Pemaquid Light, by Kevin Shields.