October 1998



North By East

Observations on the unusual popularity of Latin in Saco and the new significance  of the nuclear-weapon bunkers at Loring — with a sprinkling of key October dates in Maine history.

Maine’s Liveliest New Downtowns

Even though they were written  off as victims of malls and Wal-Marts, many of the state’s cities and towns are prospering — by reinventing themselves. By Jeff Clark.

The River Road

In autumn one of the prettiest rides in the state is along the byway that winds from Newcastle to Boothbay. By Frank Andrews.

Faces of the Fryeburg Fair

Regardless of what people say, the real reason everyone flocks to Maine’s largest fair is to see all the people. Photographer Tonee Harbert went people-watching himself and came back with a collection of remarkable portraits.

Sebago’s Autumn Enchantment

While this well-known state park teems with fun-seekers all summer long, in foliage season it’s quiet and beguiling.

Birds of a Feather

A Harpswell couple has figured out how to make a tidy living from their fascination with birds. By Edgar Allen Beem.

Where in Maine?

For the hundreds who wrote us a few months ago to say Balance Rock at Acadia was too easy to identify, we offer a site that is a bit more challenging but no less unforgettable. Many Mainers know it well. Do you?

Big House, Little House

With both wide-open spaces and private niches, this Damariscotta Lake cottage readily adapts to gatherings of two or twenty.

Along for the Ride

Four apparent strangers ride a Camden trolley in a turn-of-the-century photograph, but who they were or why their picture was taken is lost to time. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With  A View

A monster raccoon that I first thought might be a black bear tore into my bedroom and since the window was raised, went through it, taking the screen as a token of war. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Maine

A Road Well Traveled

The Maine Viewpoint

Intimate Details

Inside  Maine

Hospitality of the Finestkind

Dining Down East

Nouvelle Portland

Down East Bookshelf

Coming of Age

Along the Waterfront

Smooth Sailing

I Remember

The Gwarf


Cover: Along the River Road, by Brian Vanden Brink.