October 1996


North by East

Advisories and opinions on the lobster license plate, the moose-permit auction, and Rockland’s Class of ’63.

Crazy over Cranberies

A growing number of people Down East in Washington County are betting that cranberries  will be the lucrative new crop of the future. By Ken Textor.

Sky High at Bigelow

Mainers saved the mighty Bigelow range from development twenty years ago — and have been enjoying  it mightily ever since. By Andrew Vietze.

One Man’s Hero

When John Pullen penned his classic on Joshua Chamberlain’s Civil War exploits  in 1957, he never dreamed people would be eagerly reading  it forty years later. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Classic Lines

A new cottage on Long Lake fits into its setting flawlessly. By Matthew P. Mayo.

Make Way for Gobblers

Wild turkeys, long vanished from the Maine woods, are once again trotting across the state. John Cole explains their phenomenal resurgence.

Where in Maine?

Even the photographer who made the aerial portrait of this central Maine community says he can’t identify it. Can you help him out?

Making It In Maine

Among the more successful small businesses in the state are three firms that specialize in imports.

Homer’s Smiling Sharks

A glimpse at how Winslow Homer dealt with his critics, his dealers, and his neighbors at Prouts Neck. By Craig Fisher and Helen Ashton Fisher.

Unseen Enemy

An unusual photograph of a sinking schooner captures all the drama of the moment — except the cause of the catastrophe. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With A View

Food can be a matter of controversy (given the variety of tastes that exist), or interest, or allegiance, or  just plain passion,  but shouldn’t be a matter of social climbing. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Maine

Night Visions

The Maine Viewpoint

Testing LURC

Inside Maine

The Red Barrens

Down East Bookshelf

That Camden Summer by LaVyrle Spencer

Dining Down East

Burning Tree, Otter Creek, Mount Desert Island

Along the  Waterfront

‘A Real Head-Tumer’

I Remember

My Sparring Partner


Cover: Long Lake in autumn, by Brian Vanden Brink.