October 1989



 A Path Less Taken

Born to wealth and privilege, daughter of a Maine governor, Margaret Gardiner lives in a four-room house in rural Woolwich, reads  MAD magazine, and raises championship Morgans. By Lyn Riddle.

Fires of Bigotry

The torching of Bath’s Old South Church was only one of the many anti-Catholic outrages fostered by the Know-Nothing movement in mid-nineteenth-century Maine. By William David Barry.

Getting Things Right

Potter Paul Heroux prods, pinches, and paints his ceramics — and discards almost as much as he keeps. By Beth Crichlow.

The Russet Coast

In terms of autumn foliage, the fireworks may be inland, but the coast displays a subtle beauty all its own. Color portfolio by  Alan Nyiri.

Haakon Was Here!

Gadfly geographer George Carter claims to have convincing proof that the Norse and Irish — and even the Romans — were regular visitors to Maine shores long before Columbus. By Jeff Clark.

Oscar Wilde in Bangor?

In 1882, the great aesthete dropped by to speak a few words on behalf of Beauty. By Tom Verde.

Making It In Maine

Bookbinding in Portland, balsam pillows in West Paris, desktop publishing in Islesboro — three more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

Carrying the Mail By Sail

Neither gale nor calm nor gloom of fog stayed Captain William Humphrey from the completion of his appointed rounds on the Monhegan mail run. By Laura S. and John A. Saunders.

Trips Down East 1989

A special 32-page supplement devoted to the off-season joys of vacationing in the Pine Tree State — from leaf-peeping to downhill skiing.



Room With A View

The occasions when a man feels it necessary to confront his state government should be rare and exceptional since the relationship between the governing and the governed is so precariously poised. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Sangerville

Sangerville Changes its Mind

The Maine Viewpoint

Hardwood Holocaust

Letter from Upcountry

Cidering Off

Along the Waterfront

Boating Boom Way Down East

Down East Bookshelf

The View from Front Street: Travels through New England’s Historic Fishing Communities by Russell Bourne

Calendar of Events

October Highlights

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Dowsing with Kenneth Roberts


Cover: Photograph by Joe Devenney.