Down East October 1987

October 1987

The table of contents from the October 1987 issue of Down East.


Can Portland Be Saved?

After twenty-five years as guardian of the city’s architectural heritage, Greater Portland Landmarks has started suing people. By Jeff Clark.

What Makes Joanie Run?

Her new book gives some answers: true grit, and much more. By Beth Crichlow.

To Hunt a Duck

Firing a shotgun is only part of the ritual. By Peter H. Spectre.

Sweater Girls

Three young Maine designers have hit it big with home knitters. By Carol Wyckoff.

A View for the Birds

One way to take in the spectacle of the North Woods autumn is to hire a floatplane. Photographs by Benjamin Magro.

Ken Curtis to the Rescue

Maine Maritime Academy was in desperate straits when the former governor took the helm of his alma mater last year. By James P. Brown.

Making It in Maine

Paperweights, popcom, and apple ladders — three more success stories.

The Stovewood Caper

Or, who put the gunpowder in Miss McCobb’s firewood? By Edwin D. Merry.

The Maine Way of Winter

A special 24-page supplement devoted to the splendors of winter vacationing in the Pine Tree State — from downhill skiing to weekends at picturesque inns.


Room With A View

A man can’t spend a night as rare as this one sleeping, and I put on some shoes and went down to the wharf and untied the dinghy. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Wiscasset

Eye of the Storm

The Maine Viewpoint

Billboard Blunder

Letter from Upcountry

Trashing It

Boating Down East

Schooner ‘Bowdoin’ is Outward Bound

Down East Bookshelf

The New Maine Cooking by Jean Ann Pollard

Top of the Month

Brahms and Berlioz at Bangor

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Red Astrachans and Cherry Pippins

Cover: Moosehead Lake. By Benjamin Magro.