October 1985



Mr. Rivard & His Wonderful Time Machine

The dymanic director of the Maine State Museum has masterminded an arresting new show that turns back the clock with brio. By James P. Brown.

Living a Dream on Aziscohos Lake

Running a rustic resort makes for the finestkind o’ living. By Tony Glavin.

Could a Drab, Old Duck Decoy be Worth $15,000?

Yes, says auctioneer Richard Oliver. By Rachel M. Collins.

Saved by a Great White Elephant

Built as a palatial BarHarbor “summer cottage,” the Turrrets served valiantly when fire struck the College of the Atlantic in 1983. By Norah Deakin Davis.

Lament for the Lard Pail

Does anyone remember leaf lard — and its many uses? By John Gould.

Quiet Time at Baxter

After the summer throngs depart, peace and color reign at Baxter State Park. Color photographs by Farrell Grehan.

Making It In Maine

Three more success stories from the Pine Tree State.

The Maine Way of  Winter

A special 40-page pullout section devoted to the splendors of winter vacationing in the Pine Tree State — from downhill skiing to ice fishing.



Room With A View

The change  of seasons has a fine effect upon me; I start reorganizing right and left, tying up loose ends left over from last season and checking on things that, for the moment anyway, I had let drop from sight. By Caskie Stinnett.

For the Record

Heating Costs are Dramatically Cheaper — For Now

Along the Waterfront

Threats to the Gulf of Maine Inspire New Research Effort

Outdoor Maine

Wild Turkey Season a Possibility in 1986

Down East Bookshelf

The Clear Blue Lobster-Water Country by Leo Connellan

Calendar of Events

October Highlights

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Horse Sense in Island Falls

Cover: Laid Up, by Joe Frassetta. Watercolor, 12″ x16″. A frequent visitor to Maine, Mr. Frassetta lives in Springfield, Pennsylvania. His work can be seen the Pine Tree Shop and Bayview Gallery, Camden.