November 2011


The Martha Effect

When the domestic doyenne likes your product, it has a profound impact on sales.

Donn Fendler’s Long Trail

A classic Maine story of a boy’s survival in the wild gets a graphic makeover.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Martha’s Maine

When media tycoon Martha Stewart purchased an estate in Seal Harbor in 1997, few people suspected she would become one of the most effective promoters of small Maine businesses imaginable.

Three Days, Three Vets

The work of a farm animal doctor is gritty, physically demanding, and often dangerous.

  • By: Virginia M. Wright

Art from the Sea

Japanese fish printing, or gyotaku, has found a natural new home in Maine.

  • By: Cynthia Anderson


A Family Affair

At Emilitsa, the Regas brothers bring Greek fine dining and hospitality to Portland.

  • By: Michaela Cavallaro
  • Photography by: Mark Fleming

Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine.

Briefly Noted

The Taker (Gallery Books, New York, New York; hardcover; $25; 438 pages), a debut novel by Alma Katsu, begins ominously enough. A mysterious woman named Lanore McIlvrae wanders into a hospital in rural Maine at midnight, wanted for murder. So begins a bizarre tale as she recounts to the young doctor Luke Findley about a band of immortals led by a sadistic count. Part historical novel set in fictional nineteenth-century St. Andrew, Maine, and part supernatural novel rich with immortality, sensuality, and alchemy, The Taker is a page-turner to keep you up late.

Where in Maine?

Have you ever visited this sweet house in southern Maine?

Thinker’s Cap

A Phrygian-style fleece hat changed my life in ways I never imagined.

The Maine Influence

You can’t fully understand American politics without looking at how Mainers spread their culture across the continent.

  • By: Colin Woodard

Editor’s Note

Martha Stewart’s Maine.

  • By: Paul Doiron

Burgeoning Biologists

A new memoir chronicles one couple’s experience researching ravens in the Maine wilderness.

  • By: Kristin Lindquist

Clean Dog, Happy Dog

Dogs like to roll around in the muck, and Maine, as we know, can be an especially mucky place. So it’s natural that a Maine company, Mutt Nose Best (888-255-6854, out of Holden, would offer the perfect product to get your canine companion looking (and smelling) squeaky-clean with an extensive line of pet care products. Mutt Nose Best has a large range of shampoos for smelly dogs (otherwise known as all dogs), itchy, and longhaired ones, too.

North by East


Trouble with Tides

Tugboat skippers in Saco learned a wet lesson back in 1892.