Down East November 2002

November 2002

The table of contents from the November 2002 issue of Down East.


How Camden Got Its Green

Camden’ village green came about after a fire destroyed the ancient structure that had been there. Location: Camden

  • By: Nancy Comiskey
  • Photography by: Jennifer Smith-Mayo


  • Photography by: Cindy McIntyre

The Sausage Man of Lisbon Falls

Although he calls himself retired, Maurice Bonneau still turns out some 20,000 pounds of old fashioned sausage. Location: Lisbon Falls

  • By: Ken Textor
  • Photography by: Amazeen

Of Mice and Men

It’s that time of year when your littlest four-legged friends are going to try to move in with you.

  • By: Martin Manning
  • Photography by: Thomas Mark Szelog

Maine’s Own Stonehenge

A photo of the now decommissioned ring of radio surveillance towers. Location: Winter Harbor, Frenchman’s Bay, Schoodic peninsula

  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

Trying to Save “The World”

Nick Baker is on a one-man crusade to stop libraries from routinely destroying their collections of historic newspapers.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

The Morning After

A series of photographs showing the quietness of OOB in November. Location: Old Orchard Beach

  • Photography by: Cindy McIntyre

On the Edge

The remote little city of Calais is poised to capitalize on its location and its heritage. Location: Calais, St. Croix River

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Michele Stapleton


Home at the Marina

The Horns have made a home and a business out of a run-down building perched at the end of a run-down pier. Location: East Boothbay, Little River

  • By: Ken Textor

Ducks of Autumn

Sea ducks molt in the autumn and then congregate in huge floating flocks, probably for mutual safety. Location: Mount Desert

  • By: Ken Textor

Unexpected Company

Blue jays eating Indian corn from a door decoration.


Back in Action

South Portland’s favorite little light is shining once again. Location: South Portland

  • Photography by: Randy Ury

Talking Turkey

The Royers are among the handful of Mainers who are raising heritage turkeys, old breeds that once were common. Location: Warren


Faces of Maine

10 Mainers tell what they like most about November.

  • By: Peggy McKenna
  • Photography by: Peggy McKenna

Home at Last

Portland’s first settler is finally being honored with a seven foot bronze likeness Location: Portland, Clay Cove


L. L. Bean’s Timeline

A list of L. L. Bean trivia from 1872 to the present.


Full Speed Ahead

Maine’s new passenger rail service is proving there is a real demand here.


Wave of Addiction

Court cases involving heroin and so-called prescription drugs have increased dramatically in the last four years.

  • By: Jeff Clark

Henry Strater’s Model

One of Henry Strater’s nude models comments on her meetings with Henry over the years.

  • By: Toby Adelman

The Goodall Mansion

The Chairman of the Sanford Historical Society elaborates on Down East’s September 2002 article on the Goodall Mansion. Location: Sanford

  • By: Harland Eastman

Briefly Noted

3 books briefly reviewed. Location: Castine

  • By: Paul Doiron

Allagash Limits

Lewiston Sun Journal article about preserving the Allagash and setting limits on its use. Location: Allagash


Environmental Lessons

A workshop to help activate Maine citizens who are concerned about the environment.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Sanitizing Portland

Portland Press Herald article about merchants who complain about teens, pigeons, and pushcarts. Location: Portland


Music in Maine

A website where you can check out what’s going on where in the world of Maine music.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Budget Games

Maine citizens should expect and demand that their legislators do the job they were elected to do and stop playing political games.


Universal Health Care

Bangor Daily News article about Maine’s proposed universal health care plan.


My Mother’s Cooking

Author’s fond remembrances of her mother’s energy and creativity and especially her cooking. Location: Turner Center

  • By: Julie Bigg Veazey

Cape Neddick Inn

Chef-proprietor Johnathan Pratt encourages his guests to linger for hours enjoying his French-influenced preparations. Location: Cape Neddick, York, Ogunquit

  • By: Elizabeth Peavey
  • Photography by: Nance Trueworthy

November Highlights

A listing of autumn events.