Down East November 1997

November 1997

The table of contents from the November 1997 issue of Down East.


North by East

Opinions and musings on Bangor’s new dress code, penalties for duelists Down East, and Sears Island’s apparent new owner.

Last Look at a Landmark

As another winter approaches, the days of the great Bowdoin Mill at Topsham seem numbered. By Jeff Clark.

Dealing with the Darkness

Every Mainer seems to have a method for coping with the diminishing amount of daylight that brightens November. By Richard Grant.

Four Sports, a Maine Guide, and Me

I’d never really understood what a registered Maine Guide does in the woods until I tagged along with one and his hunting party from Philadelphia. By Ken Textor.

The Beauty of Old Oak

Over the last twenty years, Alice Welch has become Maine’s foremost dealer in refinished antique oak — which is suddenly as stylish as ever. By Elizabeth Peavey.

Leo Connellan’s Quarrel with Maine

It’s real and it’s furious, but it has also inspired some of the finest poetry ever penned by a Mainer. By Christopher Corbett.

Caution: Mainers at Work

A new book of rare old photographs suggests the lot of the laborer a century ago was hardly idyllic.

Zen and the Art of Toyota Repair

For Toshio Hashimoto, anything worth doing is worth doing well, be it fixing aging Japanese cars or growing sumptuous Shitake mushrooms. By G.M. Eckel, IV.

Making It In Maine

Three more success stories from the Pine Tree State — specialty enterprises ranging from togs for tots to  rowing-related gifts.

First-Class Delivery

Rural Free Delivery brought a new way of life to many a Mainer, making upcountry carriers, such as the one portrayed here, into local heroes — and household fixtures. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.


Room With A View

Returning briefly to the matter of garden columnists, I often wonder why their interest is never in something familiar. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Kittery

Kittery’s Miracle Mile

The Maine Viewpoint

Cutting the Sales Tax

Inside Maine

Smokin’ Turkeys

Down East Bookshelf

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

Along the Waterfront

Rendezvous at Swan’s

I Remember

King of the Woods

Cover: The Bowdoin Mill, at Topsham, by Brian Vanden Brink.