November 1996



North by East

Opinions and advisories on the disappearance of the pilot cracker, the new skinny on expanding waistlines, and the sudden celebrity of a mummy in Wiscasset.

Alone in the Olson House

Caskie Stinnett pays a visit to the Cushing farmhouse that Andrew Wyeth immortalized. Photographs by Brian Vanden Brink.

A Roaring Success

The black bear is now as widespread in Maine as it was in colonial days, but don’t expect to spot one anytime soon. They’re shy and wary and downright unappreciative of all we do for them. By Sarah Scott.

The Endless Chain of Ponds

One of the wildest stretches in Maine traces the route that Arnold’s beleaguered troops followed in their ill-fated assault on Quebec.

Hog Heaven

For one day a year the state capital plays host to nearly every biker in the state —including our Harley-riding governor.

Making It Big

Colby’s grand new gallery showcases the oversized Maine and Manhattan works of artist Alex Katz.

The Harris Horror

Mainers were horrified at the crime Clifton Harris confessed to, but they were no less appalled by the justice he received. By Wayne Reilly.

A Real Lallapalooza

Even if the spaghetti at Joe Graziano’s Casa Mia weren’t a delight, the decor alone — hundreds of vintage boxing portraits — would warrant a visit. By Elizabeth Peavey.

Mary Had a Little Dog?

An unusual turn-of-the-century class portrait  from Castine tells us a bit about the school spirit. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With A View

Like all boxers, Chloe is a stern and inflexible moralist, and while she often pretends to abandon a position, it is a ruse and she is trying only to encourage me to lower my guard. Frequently she will stand at the door asking to go out, making every sign that  it is a call of nature, yet when I follow her stealthily at a safe distance I find her returning to the site of a decayed crab that I had buried three days ago and thought she had forgotten. By Caskie Stinnett.

The  Talk of Maine

A Clearcut Decision

The Maine Viewpoint

Schoodic Mystery

Inside  Maine

A Night on the Town

Down East Bookshelf

Archangel by Paul Watkins

Along the Waterfront

Another ‘Appledore’

I Remember

Hard Lessons


Cover: Inside the Olson House, by Brian Vanden Brink.