Down East November 1992

November 1992

The table of contents from the November 1992 issue of Down East.


A Taste of Monhegan

A visiting food writer discovers how the island’s year-round residents get through the winter with hearty stews and chowders — and rich desserts. By Susan Hermann Loomis.

A Chip Off the Old Block

The Maine State Building, first erected a century ago, is built of granite, slate, and oak — all from Maine. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

After the Fall

A tramp along the St. George River as the leaves come tumbling down. Photographs by Thomas Mark Szelog.

Southport’s Master Woodworker

Cecil Pierce still makes fumiture (and wooden hand -planes) the old-fashioned way: by hand from wood — with dedication. By Sarah Scott.

The Incredible Capt. Smith

Pocahontas probably had no idea what a swashbuckling career Maine explorer John Smith enjoyed before she saved his life. By Roger F. Duncan.

Gadfly of the North Woods

For sixteen years, Mitch Lansky has been warning anyone who’d listen about the abuse of Maine’s forests. Now he’s written a book. By Jeff Clark.

Lunch Fire

For those who work outdoors in the winter’s chill, nothing warms quite like a classic lunch fire. By Jim O’Malley.

Making It In Maine

Birdfeeders, puzzles, and beer — three more success stories from the Pine Tree State. By Sarah Scott.


Room With A View

The squirrel finished whatever shady business he was up to sometime during the night, then wandered into the trap for refreshment. I found him there early in the morning, and the exact words to describe his anger are beyond my reach. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Vassalboro

Saturday Night Beans

The Maine Viewpoint

Bankrupt Bureaucracy

Outdoor Maine

Changing the Seasons

Along the Waterfront

Big-Boat Boom

Down East Bookshelf

The Weight of Winter by Cathie Pelletier

North By East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

My Rangeley Safari

Cover: Stratton artist Marguerite Robichaux captured the icy starkness of Monhegan Island in her monumental 1990 oil painting Gull Rock. (Courtesy of O’Farrell Gallery, Brunswick.)