November 1973


Letters to the Editor

Room With a View

By B.W. Strout.

North by East

Searsport Seaport to Superport

By D.W. Kuhnert.

A Moosehead Man And His Flying Machine

By Philip Kopper.

Maine’s Autumn Is Some Punkins

By Emma Gussey.

Spirit Voices And A Bath Whaler

By Kenneth R. Martin.

Aquaculture In Maine

By Herbert Hidu.

Gerry Towle Brings Coho Salmon To Maine

By Gloria Hutchinson.

Maine Coast — November

A portfolio of color photographs.

Ab Green — A Poem

By Ina Ladd Brown.

Earl Knockwood — Indian Basket Maker

By Katherine Wills.

The Down East Enterprise

Down East Bookshelf

Outdoor Maine

By Gene Letourneau.


By Doc Rockwell.


Cover: “Bark Augustine Kobbe of Searsport entering Leghorn Jan. 22, 1880,” Oil on canvas, 18 x 27 inches, by L. Renault. Courtesy of Penobscot Marine Museum.