May 2007


A Blank Canvas

Can oil tanks be turned into works of art.

  • By: Michaela Cavallaro

The Vanishing Point

Along the Maine coast, fishing wharfs are slowly being replaced with seaside homes. Saving our working waterfronts requires a new way of thinking.

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Sara Gray

A Place Called Unity

Welcome to the unlikeliest college town in Maine.

  • By: Virginia Wright
  • Photography by: Kip Brundage

A Shimmer of Glass

Architect Carol Wilson’s designs are modern, elegant, and – in the case of one Portland house – incredibly controversial.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink
  • Illustrations by: Carl D. Walsh

Winter-hardy Perennials

How well did your garden make it through the winter? Taking these five steps this spring will help protect your garden against Maine’s harshest season.

  • By: Rebecca Sawyer-Fay
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Listening for Spring

On certain nights, if you pay close attention, you can hear the turn of a season.

  • By: Susan Shetterly

2007 Down East Environmental Award

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association has worked for more than thirty-five years on behalf of small farms and the environment.

  • By: Jeff Clark
  • Photography by: Russell French

The Zen of Zeh

Whatever your idea is of a Maine basketmaker – it’s probably not this guy.

  • By: Ken Textor
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

River on the Rebound

Once famous for its filth, the upper Androscoggin might yet become an angling destination – if only it can get better press coverage.

  • By: Roberta Scruggs
  • Photography by: Chris Becker


Where in Maine

With a view like this you don’t need much else. The first settler to build a cabin on this famous Maine harbor lived very simply, but he and his family were certainly rich in views. A former resident of Gloucester, Massachusetts, this early explorer was a maker of barrel staves who sailed the coast in

  • Photography by: Sue Anne Hodges

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine

Stealing the Show

Rosemary Herbert, the publicist for Down East, got a call a few weeks back from some Hollywood types who were filming The Mist, an adaptation of a Stephen King horror novella, down in Shreveport, Louisiana. The script is classic King: a suspenseful and gory clash between a supernatural mist and a bunch

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Letters to the Editor

Where in Maine? I live in Colorado but was born and raised in Falmouth Foreside. Your March mystery photograph was taken from the town landing there, and for seventeen years I lived about two hundred yards behind the second house from the right. I could tell you who lived in each of the houses pictured.

Editor’s Note

When Whole Foods announced last year that it would open a super store in Portland, just blocks from its haute-crunchy competitors Wild Oats and Hannaford, there was considerable talk about how many organic markets the Bayside neighborhood could support. Was there some vast, unmet need for Kashi of which

  • By: Paul Doiron

Fired, But Not Forgotten

Editorial opinions from across the state

Lost on the Mountain

I called to the ranger. “Your not going to like this. But someones’s up there.”

  • By: Dorcas S. Miller


MUSIC The Fab Four Mop tops they’re not, but the four young men of the Calder Quartet are earning raves from audiences inspired by their tweaking of chamber music conventions (witness the tough-guy poses in their publicity photo). Named after Alexander Calder, inventor of the mobile, the quartet is wrapping

Inside Maine

Dining The Night Shift Hip bistro Vignola enlivens Portland’s late-night dining scene. I went to a movie with a few friends on a recent Saturday night in downtown Portland. It was almost 10 p.m. when we strolled out of the theater, and we were famished – we needed a bite, and fast. The only problem is

Blaze of Glory

A Maine military hero’s summer home had perished long before this fire in 1940

  • By: Joshua F. Moore