May 1998



North By East

Opinions and advisories on a sensible way to finance hospital care in Farmington, a flap over historic portraits in Augusta, and a new sense of relief that is sweeping through the Old Port.

Springtime in Winterport

Thousands  of motorists every day make the mistake of rolling through this lovely old Penobscot River town without noticing it. They should pause and look around. By Richard Grant.

Afloat in a Sea of Daffodils

By trial and error a much-beloved Brunswick veterinarian discovered the secrets of naturalizing daffodils and transplanting  wild lupines. By Jane Lamb.

Long Shadows

Few have captured the Maine light quite the way artist Stephen Etnier did, nor had as lively a time living here. The first major retrospective of his work is now hanging at the Portland Museum of Art. By Edgar Allen Beem.

Thinking the Unthinkable

Throughout his career, Jon Lund has been asking questions no one else has thought of. One of the results is a first-in-the-nation federal order to remove a working hydroelectric dam which just happens to be on the Kennebec River. By Jeff Clark.

Mr. Butterfield’s Worst Nightmare

When the cashier of the Bowdoinham bank was rousted from his sleep, he never imagined  it was just the beginning of a crime drama that would grip the entire state. By Wayne Reilly.

The Stranger the Better

The odd items George Hinckley collected for his students a century ago  still fascinate the kids who visit the L.C. Bates Museum. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

How Do You Save a Baby  Seal?

You don’t. You call the good folks at Northeast Marine Animal Lifeline, and they  will help the little charmer. By Frank Andrews.

Monumental Occasion

There were more than just widows and veterans at the dedication of Castine’s Civil War memorial, as a historic photograph suggests. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



 Room With A View

Would you believe I can walk around this island wearing a T-shirt with no writing on it? By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Maine

Cooking with Gas

The Maine Viewpoint

Polluting the Penobscot

Inside Maine

Kayaks on the St. George

Down East Bookshelf

Sailing Yonder

Along the Waterfront

Circling the Globe

I Remember

Stuck on the Rock


Cover: Winterport, by Brian Vanden Brink.