Down East May 1992

May 1992

The table of contents from the May 1992 issue of Down East.


Chimney Farm Revisited

A daughter recalls the springtimes of her youth through the words of her parents, authors Henry Beston and Elizabeth Coatsworth. By Kate Barnes.

King of the Airwaves

Public television host, entrepreneur, homebody, Angus King is one of Maine’s best-known faces. By John Lovell.

Umbago May

Signs of the season abound on a remote, wild lake. Photographs by Thomas Mark Szelog.

Leaping into Cyberspace

Kodak’s Center for Creative Imaging in Camden leads the way toward a brave new world  of sleight-of-hand images. By Jeff Clark.

After the Parade

In places like Machiasport, Memorial Day is much more than just another holiday. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Case of the Crotchety Tycoon

Stigmatized as the Gray Man from Maine, 1890s publishing magnate Frank A. Munsey made millions building magazines, ruining newspapers, and riding roughshod over any employee with gray hair. By Patrick Morris.

Boating Down East

A Guide to Summer Pleasures Afloat, an annual twenty-four-page supplement by the Editors of Down East.


Room With a View

In the early days of this column, I wrote frequently of the chipmunk, an engagingly obnoxious little rodent called “L.B.,”  who was here when I arrived and who tolerated  my intrusion upon his island only because I absentmindedly left Oreo cookies on the kitchen counter and he valued Oreos more than life  itself, which it almost came to, in the end. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Belfast

Co-op Capitalism

The Maine Viewpoint

Ground That Plane!

Down East Bookshelf

The Call of the Running Tide, A Portrait of an Island Family by Nancy Price Graff

North by East

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine.

I Remember

Testing the Waters

Cover: Pemaquid Light, by Richard Procopio, showing watercolorist Paul D. Zidek at work, painting the famous lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. The original photograph was manipulated by Kodak image-maker Nia Kellogg, incorporating flames from a photograph of a burning building, by Kevin Shields.