March 2005


Getting It Right

When it comes to architecture and design, some things seem utterly at home in Maine and some things don’t.

Rich, Brash Color

Designer Carol Bass has an eye for the vibrant colors of outdoor Maine — and the chutzpa to bring those hues inside. By  VirginiaWight.

Delightful Duos

While the rules for mixing colors in the garden have relaxed considerably, some tones just seem made for each other. A primer by Rebecca Sawyer-Fay, with photographs by Lynn Karlin.

At Home in Maine

A Camden photographer has  built a career out of training his camera on the “rightness” of Maine architecture, as a new book makes clear. By Bruce Snider.

Where in Maine?

Ever been to this  little lighthouse that looks out across the “finest bay in North America”?

The Paramedic Paradox

Thanks to all those television shows where emergency medical crews show up instantly and perform miracles, most Mainers assume that’s what their local ambulance services do. They’re wrong. An eye-opening report by AndrewVietze.

Alone Completely

After a midwinter week of solitude in Baxter State Park, best-selling author Paul Theroux was struck by the unexpected enormity of  it all.

Kitchen Queen

An advertising photo made for a Saco stove company back in 1900 suggests the outfit knew how to make a woman reign supreme. By Joshua F. Moore.



North by East: Trash or Treasure?

Opinions and musings on the changing attitude toward private junkyards, the futility of trying to figure out how weather forecasters draw the line between southern and northern Maine, and a plucky proposal to cut taxes by cutting the number of Maine counties in half.

The Talk  of Maine: Remaking Greenville

Despite the magnitude of the development plan offered by Plum Creek – a plan that could change the character of Moosehead Lake forever — Maine’s environmental community is not condemning  it out of hand. By Jeff Clark.

The Maine Viewpoint: Loss of Power

Mainers will begin to pay the price this month for one of the legislature’s recent bright ideas.

lnside Maine: Puzzles for Rent

Just  off Route 1 in Nobleboro is a jigsaw lover’s dream. Plus tips on some neat sled-dog races in the Jackman area, an ambitious concert series in Augusta, a farm in Fort Kent that sells ploye mixes by mail order, and a challenging way to see Mount Katahdin in winter. By Andrew Vietze.

Dining Down East: Rachel’s L’Osteria, Portland

A longtime city favorite has found a new home  off the peninsula and developed a tantalizing new menu. By Andy King.

Down East Bookshelf: Limited Success

A new book questions what term limits for Maine lawmakers have actually accomplished. By Al Diamon.

Calendar  of Events: March Highlights

Concerts, plays, and a resurgent garden show top the schedule this month.

I Remember: Flags and Fish

Ten years ago, my return to Maine was inaugurated on the ice of Black Pond not far from Bridgton. By Elizabeth Peavey.