Down East March 2000

March 2000

The table of contents from the March 2000 issue of Down East.


An Instant Heirloom

Through this vintage cottage has been in the family only twenty years, it’s already become an heirloom. Image subjects: kitchen of heirloom cottage outside view of front of heirloom cottage table set on deck overlooking water living area of heirloom cottage shelf on wall of heirloom cottage

  • By: Joel Vance
  • and Frank Andrews
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

The North Woods Look

An outfit way up in Oquossoc has all the stuff to create an authentic sporting-lodge feel. Image subjects: antiques at Mountain Interiors shop Birgitta Parker at antiques at Mountain Interiors shop birch bark cupboard at antiques at Mountain Interiors shop decorated chest at antiques at Mountain Interiors

  • By: Winnie White
  • Photography by: Amazeen

Tasting the Cottage Life

Sally and Jim Littlefield have turned a handsome 1907 cottage into a coastal inn. Image subjects: living area with fireplace at Shore Oaks cottage bedroom at Shore Oaks porch with waterview Sally and Jim Littlefield in their living room Location: Brooksville

  • By: Jim McLennan
  • and Paul Doiron
  • Photography by: Greg Morley

Southport Island Hideaway

A rebuilt 1920’s cottage in a million-dollar setting offers all the carefree comforts of an earlier day – and then some. Image subjects: Rebuilt “cottage” on the coast Kitchen and dining area bathroom cottage porch living room fireplace Location: Southport, Dog Fish Head

  • By: John Brindle
  • and Meadow Rue Merrill
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

One Stylish Log Cabin

The contemporary flair of this lakeside cabin in southern Maine only enhances its charm. Image subjects: Modern Log Home log cabin porch of log home interior of modern log home

  • By: Denver Bryan
  • and Robert Post
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

A Seaside Playhouse

The outside of the modest little midcoast cottages only hints at the surprises inside. Image subjects: kitchen in seaside playhouse living area inside cottage – three-sided fireplace cottage from yard in living room

  • By: John Hadley
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

Posh Digs

A tidy guest cottage offers Manhattan comforts on the site of a Maine quarry. Image subjects: contemporary home in quarry inside living room with fireplace and view out windows view out window bedroom kitchen

  • By: David Wonderlich
  • and Bob Roundy
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink


A Windjammer Centennial

The schooner Victory Chimes is celebrating a big anniversary in high style. Image subjects: Schooner Victory Chimes under sail Location: St. Michaels

  • By: Michael Chronister
  • and James P. Brown

Show Time

March is the season for boat shows.

  • By: Galen Winter
  • and James P. Brown

Well Suited

Dressing for success is not just for the well-heeled.

  • By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Lost in Augusta

The bureaucratic maze gets trickier. Location: Augusta

  • By: Stephen Bodio

Cottages vs. Camps

Special vocabulary to differentiate between a cottage and a camp.

  • By: Galen Winter

Seismic Surprises

Facts and history of earthquakes in Maine.


Tried and True Seeds

Maine’s top seed companies are bucking the national trend – and prospering. Image subjects: woman in flower garden

  • By: John Falk
  • and Jeff Clark

Welcoming Organizations

The Pathfinders is a group that walks and hikes the Lubec area. Location: Lubec

  • By: Virginia Shepherd
  • and Joan Edwards

Grateful Organization

More on Harold Alfond.

  • By: Vivian Kramer Francher
  • and John P. Portela

Today’s Mainers

The characters in Christopher Fahy’s latest short stories are readily recognizable.

  • By: Tom Davis
  • and Richard Grant

Briefly Noted

Books reviewed include: “Railroads of the Pine Tree State: Volume One” by Don Marson and Brian Jennison, “Natural Things: Collected Poems 1969 – 1998” by Constance Hunting, and “The Crow on the Spruce” by Chenoweth Hall.

  • By: Michael McIntosh
  • and Paul Doiron

Golfing in Maine

Some of the most scenic courses in New England are found in Maine. Image subjects: Samoset Resort Golf Course

  • By: Vic Venters
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

Retirement Communities of Maine

Every year more retirement facilities are being opened or expanded across the state. Here’s the most up-to-date list.

  • By: Randy Lawrence

Our Surprising Climate

We have four distant seasons and plenty of sunshine year-around.


Building Land Trusts

Maine Sunday Telegram: Maine land trusts were very successful last year.

  • By: Carl Graybillur

Top Quality Medical Care

Most Maine hospitals still offer the kind of personalized care that has vanished at many huge medical facilities elsewhere.

  • By: Dave Carty

Focus on Smoking

Times Record: Maine, with the highest smoking rate in the country, will spend 90% of the settlement funds on health programs.

  • By: John Falk

Experience Counts

In many Maine communities, retirees literally run the town – serving as selectmen, on boards, in civic groups, and even in the legislature. Image subjects: State Representative Gerald Davis Mayor William Johnson with other officials

  • By: Ash Cutchin
  • Photography by: Benjamin Magro

Sled Ahead

Cresta Sleds represent the next generation of Flexible Flyers.

  • By: Vivian Kramer Francher
  • and Andrew Vietze

Frequently Asked Questions

Ten of the most common queries from people considering a Maine retirement.

  • By: E. Donnall Thomas Jr

Lifelong Learning

For retirees who still yearn to learn, Maine offers plenty of opportunities to master new skills and subjects.


Cottage Connection

Boothbay’s Cottage Connection of Maine offers visitors a cottage to fit their dreams.

  • By: John Brindle
  • and Andrew Vietze

A Library At Your Fingertips

Plenty of information for retirees is right on the web.

  • By: Barry G. Davis

Maine by the Numbers

From population to education. income to weather – contrast and compare your favorite Maine counties and communities.

  • By: Galen Winter

Subscribing to Maine

List of Maine’s community newspapers for those wanting to learn about the state or a specific area before moving.

  • By: Nick Sisley

Art and History

Lively, modern museums dot the Maine landscape.

  • By: Bill Buckley

Gay Rights Decision

Journal Tribune: Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine supports a gay rights measure.


The Wave

A modest upcountry courtesy beguiled my friend from away. Location: Lovell

  • By: David Simpson
  • and T. Jewell Collins

Youngtown Inn

Though it’s off Route 1, both locals and tourists find their way to this Lincolnville landmark. Image subjects: MaryAnn and Manuel Mercier in dining room of the Youngtown Inn Location: Lincolnville

  • By: Tim Leary
  • Jill Leary
  • and Paul Doiron
  • Photography by: Richard Procopio

March Highlights

Joan Baez, Momix, and the Portland Flower Show all come to Maine this month.

  • By: Randy Lawrence

VIP Cottagers

President Harrison, staff, and family pose at cottage steps in Bar Harbor in 1889. Location: Bar Harbor

  • By: Ellen MacDonald Ward
  • and Ron Forsyth