March 1998



North By East

Opinions and advisories on the beavers of Boothbay Harbor, the snow machines of Greenville High, and the erasure of Lille from the map of Maine.

A Passion for Timber Framing

Steve Chappell’s enthusiasm for sensible building has led him to establish a school, launch a magazine, and hammer out a career that has made him an international expert in traditional construction. By Ken Textor.

Less Is More

An award-winning new home overlooking Blue Hill Bay demonstrates what happens when the builders, architects, and clients are perfectly  in sync. By James Schwartz.

Capturing the Light

That was the architect’s aim when he designed and built an imaginative house in Kittery. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

The Perfect Maine Garden

Sometimes perfection is hiding in plain view, as a lovely little garden right in the middle of Camden demonstrates. By Richard Grant.

No Place Like Home

When I paid a visit to the most expensive private home on the market in Maine today, I was strangely pleased at what I found. By Elizabeth Peavey.

The Pine Ladies

The mother-daughter team that runs Mulberry Cottage in South Portland can take credit for turning Mainers on to antique English pine. By Scott Sutherland.

Fish Story

A vintage photograph from the hamlet of Saturday Cove commemorates a trophy-size cod and a way of life that were both dying out  in 1916. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room  With A View

The television meteorologist, who has risen fast on the popularity charts, still has a ghastly record of accuracy and is tolerated more for his or her entertainment value than for the possession of any reliable information.

The Talk of  Maine


The Maine Viewpoint

Investing in Tourism

Inside Maine

Greater Bangor’s Wilderness

Down East Bookshelf

Codforsaken Waters

Along the Waterfront

The Legacy of Joel White

I Remember

Where is Pearl Harbor?


Cover: The Kittery house built by architect Michael Homer, by Brian Vanden Brink.