March 1996



North by East

Musings and advisories on the sudden vogue of Shaker music, the return of home grocery delivery, and the right way to say “Bath.”

The Kittery Nobody Knows

Eclipsed by a wildly popular strip of factory outlets and overshadowed by a huge old shipyard, the quiet village of Kittery Point is usually found only by people who aren’t looking for it. By Andrew Vietze.

Confessions of a Reluctant Snowmobiler

After years of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, I rented a snow machine and gave it a try. By Ken Textor.

Manna for Mainers

A good donut is hard to find. Except in Rockland. By Christopher Corbett.

Orono’s Unavowed Visionary

Although he claims he has no blueprint for the future of the University of Maine, President Fred Hutchinson has been redefining its role from the day he took over. By Jeff Clark.

Top of the Winter

Height of Land’s awe-inspiring panorama is but one of the midwinter attractions of Route 17. Another is moose. By Matthew P. Mayo.

The Shop of a Thousand Voices

At Orphan Annie’s in Aubum, the past speak — and in some cases it just won’t shut up. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

lce Capades

Long before refrigerators were even novelties, ice was a cool cash crop, as a none-too-old photograph recalls. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room  With A View

It is encouraging to know that readers would like to extend their relationship  with the writer, but if the latter is uncommunicative  it is usually that he or she is preoccupied trying to do even better work next time. By Caskie Stinnett.

The Talk of Wellington

Battle of Wellington

The Maine Viewpoint

Chilling Out

Inside Maine

The Snows of Agamenticus

Down East Bookshelf

As the Earth Turns by Gladys Hasty Carroll

Along the  Waterfront

A Born Boatbuilder

 I Remember

Blizzard of  ’33


Cover:  Kittery Point, overlooking Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, by Brian Vanden Brink.